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    Default Re: model comparisons

    Quote Originally Posted by tessiers View Post
    I think you will see a lot of difference in a 84 hp or a 100 hp tractor. I would not consider a sub 100 hp tractor for serious farming unless it was a small helper tractor, which you already have with the 50hp. Seams most equipment for serious farming is designed for tractors over 100 hp. The other thing to consider is the weight. The 5095 tops out at about 8000 lbs the 6115 over 12,000. That will be a huge difference in dragging a disk. with current 4x4 tractors you will run out of traction way before hp and thats where weight is king. My vote would be the 6115, but I am a farmer and comfort takes a back seat to work every time. If I wanted to be comfortable I would be in a lawn chair with a cold one.
    Ditto on what tessiers posted.
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    Default Re: model comparisons

    Martian, thanks very much for all your input.
    Tessiers, I agree the 6115 is the way to go for me.
    It allows me to use larger implements.

    If anyone out there THAT owns a 6115D or the 5095M, I would like to know your opinion of the tractor. Thanks

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    Default Re: model comparisons

    every else has noted "WEIGHT" and HP. figure would hit on some other things.

    being this is in the general /buying / pricing / comparisons forum. have you looked at other manufactures machines?

    some machines can be setup fairly awkward. and there should be actual "physical seat time" in a tractor for a test drive. to see if you like it or not.

    do you have a dealer you can count on? dealer can make things a lot easier if and when something happens.

    have you asked around to other farmers, to see about a renting there tractor or have them disc or what not? those higher size tractors cost so much, that you really need to get the use out of them. and perhaps someone nearby be willing to work out something with ya. or vice vs.

    have you thought about duellies... (4 wheels in back 2 wheels in front)?

    have you checked on pricing for extra weight on the front? and then extra rear weight?

    do you already have a large shed to store the larger size tractor in? or if you need to build a bigger shed?

    have you looked into GPS packages for given setup? so you can get a monitor to show when to turn and how much to turn for max usage of land?

    have rear wiper blades? vs getting out a 5 gallon bucket, and a squigge on a long handle to try and clean window.

    do you have enough rear hyd remotes for equipment.... raise and lower gear wheels. so you can haul equipment on roads, to lowing/raising wings on equipment that fold out once in a field, to something that might let you adjust given equipment.

    do you have 540RPM or 1000RPM PTO and does equipment you want or already have, require a specific RPM.

    does machine come with latches for engine hood and like that you can lock / put a paddle lock on?

    check info for how much FUEL the machine uses.

    is it easy to get into all the filters and check on them / clean / replace them?

    are there places for mice and other rodents to find a place and build a nest in. and can you reach or remove a shield or cover, or like to clean things out fairly easily?

    if you need to split tractor or take good amount of stuff off to replace fan belt or like. is there a replacement belt hidden away. you can undo some plastic tie wraps. and just slip new belt on vs taking everything apart?

    ya some of above may seem pretty dumb. but larger the machine is. more muscle and work it can take to repair something. and if machine is only for discing / planting / harvesting and only gets used a couple times of the year for a couple weeks. it will be setting there rest of year. being able to check everything can make a big difference on cost of labor of doing maintenance work / checking of things.

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