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    Default big decision: new tractor purchase Australia

    hi people,
    buying a tractor around 26hp
    need a 4in1 bucket.
    Looking at Apollo [Changfa- Chinese] new, or ,'remanufactured' kubota
    appreciate any members experiences.

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    Default Re: big decision: new tractor purchase Australia


    I'd suggest check out your dealers that are closest to you. See what they have and what dealer your are comfortable with and feel you can trust. Look closely at the tractors they have, and the brands, how well built are all the bits on the tractors, fit and finish, paintwork, panel work, traces of rust. Check what they charge for typical services, will they come out to service your tractor?

    I decided that the dealer was as important as the tractor brand as I'm new to tractors and wanted to make sure that I bought from a dealer that was relatively close.


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    Default Re: big decision: new tractor purchase Australia

    With the new or remanufactured kubota you will know that you're getting good steel.
    With the new Chinese you will assume that you are getting good steel.
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    Default Re: big decision: new tractor purchase Australia

    Sorry, I don't like the question. You're going to get a bunch of people biased to their brand and most people are going to speak poorly of the Chinese tractor. What we really need to know is how you're going to use the tractor, what jobs will you do most of. In this size, I find there's an unusually large variation in machine sizes and capabilities. Compare the specs of a kubota BX25 to a Kioti CK27 for instance. Two machines that will both take a 4-1 bucket and in the hp range you listed, but are MUCH different tractors, in size and weight and lift capacity. If you want to mow the grass and move some mulch and lighter material, the Kubota's the way to go, if it's all about ground engagement and FEL work, the heavy Kioti is the best bet. There's also the JD 1026R that is very nice, on the money for hp and in the SCUT category for mowing or something like the Bobcat CT122 which is a little bigger and more suited for heavier stuff.

    Since you mention looking at Chinese tractors (I know nothing about them and won't comment), I'm going to assume price is important. In North America anyway, the price of used tractors is so close to new, it's hard not to go for the warranty and or financing, so I would say you really want to look at;

    Kioti/Bobcat - built by Daedong and now branded Kioti in Australia. Up to a year or two ago it was Daedong I believe. In business since the '40's. South Korean
    Mahindra Max line. Now the largest tractor manufacture in the world. Also in business since the '40's. Indian
    LS. A division of LG. Don't know how long they've been around. The LS name is new here, but they've been building tractors under other brands for years. South Korean.

    There's nothing wrong with Kubota and JD, they're just more expensive. These 3 will give you the biggest bang for the buck.

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    Default Re: big decision: new tractor purchase Australia

    Welcome aboard. Best wishes in regards to your selection. My suggestion would be; take your time and don't rush matters. Do all the research, review the specs in regards to your needs, and hopefully you will choose the tractor that meets all your needs, both productive and financial.
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    Default Re: big decision: new tractor purchase Australia

    Massey 1423, 1462 loader, wallenstein Ranch ho gx620, with subframe mount. Deere 710c

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    Default Re: big decision: new tractor purchase Australia

    Welcome to TBN

    I moved your thread to the Buying/Pricing/Comparisons Forum.
    TBN Support

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