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    Default Is bigger better

    I am about to purchase a R4041 \ 2012 in northern Ca. I started looking at the 39. But thought what the **** the pricing jump was not catastrophic between the 39 and the 41 and the power and size was more what I need, backhoe included.

    I have a seven acre ranch in Vacaville, Ca. that I will be doing many projects to. I have animals also.

    Large landscaping, pond digging, french drains, in-ground plumbing everywhere, road maintenance, fence posting and of course hay hogging.

    Just moved in a couple of months back and was trying to do my field cutting with a high end G6000 sit-down mower.

    That worked well until the landscape dried up and the mower started a mass fire, ( the belt drive friction lit the fines in the belt drive tunnel) no one hurt no major damage thank God.

    Lesson learned.

    I am convinced I need a real tractor. So the question is R4041 or the R4047? Both seem to have the same equipment, horsepower is more on the 47 no doubt.

    I have been shopping for a while and the LS brand "Bang for Buck" sure seems real nice. I fab dirttrack chasis for a hobby so I feel I am somewhat familiar with how things should go together. The dealership is large and has a good service department and are friendly.

    I am just thinking that if I am going to purchase the 41 I might as well spend a little more and go for the 47, any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks all


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    Default Re: Is bigger better

    The 41 will be fine, the 47 would be better. I don't think that elevation plays a factor in your decision, so the 41 will more than likely be all that you need. Take the money saved on the tractor and get another implement or buy better quality implements, or even Top and Tilt hydraulics for your 3pt hitch. Get another bucket size for your back hoe. Always nice to have 2 or 3 buckets sizes on hand.

    Just my
    Top and Tilt Kits by Fit Rite Hydraulics

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    Thanks, yup that makes good sense. 9" for the hoe and top and tilt, I believe the hydro lines are already their.

    I think I'll pick up a good box scraper also, so I can try to cut in good short track on the lower 7.

    Great, thanks.


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