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    Default Automatic gate opener (solar powered)

    Who on here has them and what manufacturer do you recommend? Will be a single swing style gate.. want to add the keypad as well.. Thanks

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    Default Re: Automatic gate opener (solar powered)

    Probably the best place to start looking, at least for information, is GTO. They were pretty much the default ones we'd install unless someone wanted something else.
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    Default Re: Automatic gate opener (solar powered)

    What ever you do get a heavy duty operator, you will have alot less trouble with them. I also recommend you get an electric latch, takes alot of the wind load off the operator which can trip a limit switch. I have used some Mule operators with the solar panels, no problems with holding a charge but they seem to be only half way reliable. All the keypads, driveway sensors, solar panels and key fobs are bullet proof, the trouble is usually tripping a limit switch.

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    Default Re: Automatic gate opener (solar powered)

    I,ve got a GTO mm600 with automatic lock and keypad (no solar). I just use a deep cycle marine battery and recharge it every couple of months. It works good and we use it 10 to 12 times a day.

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    Default Re: Automatic gate opener (solar powered)

    I have two of the GTO Mighty Mule 350 openers w/lock and keypad my main gate opener I've been using since 07 and the second one since about 09 or 10. Main gate is hooked up to a transformer at the barn charging a 12V car battery. The second one is on a solar panel charging a 12V car battery for power. Neither unit has given me any trouble both run a 16' round pipe style gate you see every where, green colored ones. The Automatic gate lock is a big help if you are some place windy. I also put the Pin locks on the gates just to make it a little harder to get in if some one was so inclined. Hope this helps and yes I would buy the same units again if I needed more.

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    Default Re: Automatic gate opener (solar powered)

    I've had my mule 500 for just a couple months now but I sure like it so far. I have the GTO lock on it and added an extra battery and solar panel. The gate is a green 16' light pipe. The one problem I'm having is keeping the lock adjusted so it consistently hits correctly. I'm guessing the change in temp expands / contracts the gate just enough that it moves the lock off center. Haven't figured out what to do about it yet.

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