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    I guess that info widens my targets. I have found some 3000 with loaders. Are they okay except lighter? I have a budget line of about $5000 which is why i have aimed at the 6xx 8xx tractors. Whenever I finally get one I will post what I have and let you all know. It would be rude to go through all this info exchange and then not let you all know. It is kind of walking out just before the end of a good movie and not knowing what happened. Thanks

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    a 3000 (ag model) has the same light duty front axle that was used as far back as 1939. works.. but is not hd like a fixed axle on an industrial, or the hd axle on a 4000+/65+ ag model.

    the hp of a 3000 falls above the 6xx, and below the 8xx. more common to see a 3000 with ps. 4-6-8-10 spd trannies available.

    4spd is non live pto.

    6 COULD be, but rarely is live. 10 is independent. but I'd avoid the sos tranny

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