I couldn’t agree more. The end-user is the final consumer, while the dealer is kinda a partner to the OEM. Frankly speaking, many exporters have engaged little in relationship with the end-users. The usual way is to totally authorize the dealers to take care of the consumers. But not every dealer is that responsible, when the demand is going down, some of them will turn to other OEMS. Then if the exporter could not find a replacing dealer in time, the end-users are kind of abandoned. This is one of reasons I want to directly engage with the end-users.

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I would make sure that you do actually engage with your customers over the DF products.

I have a 2007 Jinma 554 tractor and have been having problems with a steering component that fails at fairly regular intervals, when the tractor's ZL-60 front end loader is used for heavy lifting (full buckets of sand etc). It appears to be a design problem and apart from having one replacement part under warranty, there has been nothing further from the Jinma factory even though I have written regarding this problem.
It is proving to be very frustrating, expensive and potentially dangerous!

Encouraging feed back from the buyers is a good policy - though there will always be the ones that will never be happy. Customer feed back can often help identify problems with design and even help with making changes to solve these problems. After all, if customers don't buy, then businesses close down.