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    Default I'm spoiled rotten!!!!!

    After aquiring a John Deere 4720 cab tractor, I'm ruined for good. I have a 7' finish mower and use it for all the larger areas. (Around the barns, my grandparents old house when no one lives now, shooting range, etc.) The A/C is th best thing ever made! We've had several days at 100 degrees or above lately. I also mow about 5 acres of "yard" grass in three family yards. We all live close by. My total grass cutting adds up to about 11 acres or so. I've had a John Deere 445 with a 60" mower deck for about 10 years. It's perfect for my needs. There is nothing wrong with it, except it DOESN"T HAVE A/C!!!!! Is there any sub compact tractor manufacturer that has a very small air conditionered subcompact cab tractor with about a 5' deck fir sale? I've searched web sites, and I thought kubota made one, but I can't seem to find any. Anyone know of any? Thanks!

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    Look at the kubota B3000.

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    You could get a 748 with rear pto and hang a generator on back to power the hard side cab with an RV air conditioner on top. Post pics when you are done.

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    Probably be less expensive to buy a 72" MMM and a set of R3 Turfs for the 4720 than a whole new tractor / MMM. Take off the FEL if you want to reduce weight and you're cool to go.
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