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    Default Re: new tractor and rotary cutter choice

    I'm not getting a loader and there will be no running on the roads. I don't think I need 4wd either. I think your idea of a 10' twin spindle is sound. The cutting I do will not be harsh -- just pastures and eventually they'll be well groomed. I'm thinking a medium duty cutter 'cause there's nothing more than 1" dia that I'll be cutting. Can you recommend a cutter?

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    Default Re: new tractor and rotary cutter choice

    I think if you go with a land pride you can get the attachments interest free if you include it with the tractor loan. I know for sure anything else have to pay interest.

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    Default Re: new tractor and rotary cutter choice

    The hardest part about reccomending a cutter is by the time a cutter has proven itself over time they have discontinued it, altered it, or gone bankrupt. My dad has a 10 foot Bushhog brand that has seen very heavy use for......get this....30 years. It is just now starting to get some slop around and is just about at its end. However since this model was built Bushhog has been bankrupt,got bought out by Servis Rhino and changed its slope backed USA made gearboxes to a imported gearbox. Some ten footers are actually 10'6" and some are 9'10". Minor it seems but it does add up a little. Just about any current 10 footer will give you good service I think. Since you got a nice new tractor (excellent choice I might add) get a shiny new mower behind it. While most cutters don't need dealer support for a long long time I would just look around at what brands you local dealers carry and pick one out. Woods,Landpride, Deere's MX 10, Bushhog/Rhino/Schulte, pretty much can't go wrong........Now have you thought about what mount your going to get? You had the pull, like towing a boat. 3point picking up a boxblade or a tiller and the simi-mount which is like a hybrid. Since you don't have a loader/bucket to put weight up front I would pretty much rule out the 3 pt. Since your tractor comes with a hydrolic remote you can work a pull or a simi-mount equally well. The simi mount is what we use here. Easy to back up cause it turns with the tractor. The pull you have to be attentive with like backing up a trailor or a boat. However the pull follows naturally behind the tractor as you turn...the simi mount swings wide and can be awkward in tight spots. We use simi mounts here on our twin spindles and they are great to back up into and out of the barn. Look at the Landpride line at your local kubota dealer where your getting your tractor. Either the 25 or the 35 series should give you good service.

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    Default Re: new tractor and rotary cutter choice

    Orange, I'm no expert on the TYMs but I got a good up close look at one last year (T723 model, 65 PTO HP) and it impressed me. Plenty of metal on it, looked well put together, had 4wd and loader. If I was looking to drop some real $$$ on a new rig I'd have a hard time passing it up. The problem with TYM versus kubota however is the dealer network. Kubota dealers are wide and far and they have a very good parts distribution and supply chain. TYM is still trying to build their dealer and support base up. You might want to ask more questions down in the TYM section and get some first hand experience from people who have them. You may also be able to get a price break on a Kioti or Mahindra in that same horsepower range versus a Kubota. Probably be worth checking on. If you're not set on brand new there are lots of 10-15 year old New Hollands, Masseys, and John Deeres that'll do your job without a sweat.

    Again, as for cutters, if you're looking at a Howse or KK I'd not suggest dealing with the local Tractor Supply or Northern Tool. They sell the bargain variety light duty units. I'd check with an actual equipment dealer who handles the full line of medium/heavy models they carry. The Bush Hogs, Rhinos, Land Prides, and Woods cutters are all good rigs and you probably can't wrong with any of them but they will cost more to buy.

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    Default Re: new tractor and rotary cutter choice

    40 acres of pasture mowing, and a 50 to 60 HP plus tractor seems large. more so with a cab.

    when i think of pasture, i think of live stock, and then trees here and there, and nailing the cab of tractor up on a tree limb.

    with live stock i see an animal dieing and needing to move it so, the given company for your area can come pick it up and haul it away.

    a rotatory cutter (bush hog) can be rather heavy on rear end of a tractor. and with no FEL, you will most likely want some sort of "front weights" so the front of tractor does not get light.

    with above said, i gotta state spending 30 to 50K for a tractor just to mow down 40 acres seems kinda extreme....

    what other uses will the tractor see? those other uses may state different setups of tractors to implements...

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