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    Default Need help on a new mini excavator with cab?

    I have been looking at different brands of mini ex's. I am looking for one like John Deere 35d, Case cx36b, kubota u35, Cat 303.5 and can't seem to determine which one is the best machine. All the dealers in my area seem good. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Need help on a new mini excavator with cab?

    A lot of it's down to personal choice, however we currently run a Case CK28 (smaller and older than the cx36) and a Cat 302.5 (again 1t lighter). While the Case is a lot older than the Cat, it is my prefered machine - simply for shear power and build quality. The Cat is still a good machine, but let down I feel by the perkins engine which is noisey...

    Just my own opinion of course....
    Check out our website:

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    Default Re: Need help on a new mini excavator with cab?

    Go look at a Bobcat!! They have some awesome features! If I could afford, and wanted a mini ex right now, there is no way I wouldn't end up with a Bobcat. Check out some of the videos on this webpage:
    Bobcat Compact Excavators - Bobcat Company

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    Default Re: Need help on a new mini excavator with cab?

    not much to a mini excavator.

    something with tracks most likely preferred. so you can get around in slop / muddy conditions. a good undercarriage (shield or like).

    perhaps. hydrualic thumb. or grapple bucket.

    perhaps good spot to attach a receiver or something to pull a small trailer or a rock sled behind excavator to move rocks and make it easier to place rocks (if you are a landscaper)

    you should be able to switch how the controls are setup fairly easily. as in what joystick does what or levers does what. or if you want joysticks vs levers.

    exhaust fumes can be a nasty one. along with engine noise. seating so close just a little bit of wind and ya gagging and holding your ears at the same time.

    if you are going at mud ponds / mud lakes. to dig them out and clean up edges. you might look at wider tracks and wider width between tracks.

    see how the harness fits, along with the seat. and see if anything is adjustable to fit you.

    some times you might be face into the front windshield trying to look down. other times you might be leaning back some. and can you twist your body and head and still have eye sight clearance around you.

    if there are rear view mirrors. can they be easily re done with other mirrors so when ya rip them off by accident you can easily get some cheapos or like for replacements.

    are there optional head lights or work lights. trying to think of what one might be doing, and about all i can think of, is during fall, winter, spring, when there is little bit of sun by the time you get home.

    are you wanting something that will "balance" better when you snug a tree limb between bucket and dipper stick. the entire machine does not want to tip when trying to move forward. i could care less about 360 degree spinning around and dumping dirt, but rather carrying something to some other place, and moving forward.

    is there protection. so when ya tip the thing over it is side, you do not get a leg or arm trapped between unit and the ground?

    when you pop the panels can you easily get into all the nook and cranneys to clear out mice nests?

    can you get a mop and rag into the seating area. and clean things up without risk of frying the electrics or yourself?

    can you easily get to "grease zerks" for the undercarriage and tracks? including zerks for the backhoe itself.

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