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    Default First TLB advice (BX25 vs kiota CK20)

    I know this is an apples to oranges comparison.
    I'm 90% sure I'm getting the bx25; I know it'll fit my needs, but I can get a ck20 for about $2,225 less and am wondering if I should get it instead. (the bx25 is right at 15k with TLB, 3ph, and r4's)

    Both have a loader and backhoe
    Bx is almost new with 42 hours
    Ck is a couple years old and has 150 ish hours

    My concerns with are reliability and resale value compared to the kubota name. I've also read the ck20 has issues going up hill with a load but that seems like a non issue since it'll do more work than a bx25.

    Everyone seems to love kubota; most seem to love kioti

    This is my first tractor purchase. My uses will be Garden work, digging stumps, Trenches, moving rock and top soil. I won't mow with it unless I just find a deal with a mmm included.

    Just looking for some advice before purchasing. Thanks, I've learned a lot from these forums already.

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    Default Re: First TLB advice (BX25 vs kiota CK20)

    any tractor will have problems going up a hill when it is loaded down to tractors max weight limit. many times folks under-estimate actual weight of things. this includes myself.

    both tractors are most likely at "newish" filter changes, oil changes, for everything. by manufacture recommendations of when to change things.

    i have no idea, if manufacture warrenties cross over to second person or not. but might be worth checking into.

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    Default Re: First TLB advice (BX25 vs kiota CK20)

    If you will have this new purchase as your first go to machine I suggest you get something that will handle 90% of your current needs. It is very difficult to find a model that does everything "just right" in my experience. My best advice is to consider a separate machine for mowing and get what you feel is the best fit for your conditions long term. Then consider a tractor or tlb that fits your uses as a separate purchase. In my use I find the 110tlb size will handle 90% of my tlb needs, small enough to fit residential jobsites yet big enough to get most jobs done. Maybe 10% of my uses would require a smaller tlb or mini excavator or larger full sized backhoe/excavator for these rare instances it is cheaper to rent or hire this work out. When buying a new mower I went with the x749 and added the 3ph and rear pto to fill in where the larger compacts couldn't fit and that has helped me alot in my work. For personal use at home a tlb would be seldom used after the initial landscape work. Just something to consider while you decide what to purchase.

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    Default Re: First TLB advice (BX25 vs kiota CK20)

    The kubota has the resale value and we have several out with over 3,000 hours and they have had no isssues other then the normal maint. It will be hard to beat that! You could also find a dealer virtually any where for a Kubota. They did start the sub-compact industry with the introduction of the BX22.

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    Default Re: First TLB advice (BX25 vs kiota CK20)

    Resale only matters when you sell it..Check the resale values now, Your buying. right! I say get the orange one

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    Default Re: First TLB advice (BX25 vs kiota CK20)

    I have a BX TLB and it has been a great little machine; my FIRST tractor purchase. I've used it on hillsides. It has 450hrs will no problems to speak of. The air filter support bracket has broken from the vibration twice, that's it. Don't know about the CK20, I have what would be a ck35... Bobcat CT235.
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