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    Default Mahindramax 25 VS TYM T293

    I asked on the TYM section, maybe I posted in the wrong place.
    I am almost ready to pull the trigger on a Mahindra max 22 or 25 but I thought I would take a second look at TYM and saw this on a dealer web site
    Adjustable seat, cruise control, 3 cyl liquid cooled diesel engine @ 29 gross HP, HST transmission, infinite/2range, power steering w aux pump, 3 point hitch CAT I, With 50" LT250 Loader- Lift capacity: 1108 lbs, w/ BT200 backhoe- 6'4" dig depth, rear work light and 12" bucket.
    $290.59 a month
    5.99% for 84 months
    I'm gonna call today and get a cash price which I THINK will be close to the price for the Max 25 (maybe less).
    Seems like more tractor for the same or less $.
    BUT I hear many good things about Mahindra and the dealer is 100 miles from home compared to 20 for the Mahindra although I go by it every 2 weeks or so.
    Anyone have any opinions?

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    Default Re: Mahindramax 25 VS TYM T293


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    On another thread, someone was talking up that model TYM. If u search for it in the forum, u might find that helpful. I think it was within the last couple months. I think that OP was considering mahindra and massey, too... But I'm not certain.

    I had a TYM dealer, and I went there and tested his tractors. But he parted ways with TYM, and now peddles LS. So, I didn't get to see the TYM.

    I have the Max28XL HST. While there is always a fuss when it is mentioned on TBN, I chose mine based on its capabilities. It does have cruise and tilt... But I got it for its roominess and strength.

    I wouldn't call it a luxury model... Some would say there are nicer tractors in this size. Maybe they are right. But I don't think there are any that are stronger then the max series.

    I got my tractor so I could work it. Lift pallets, firewood, regrade, and build a driveway...among other stuff.

    I don't think you'll make a bad choice with any brand, as ling as u pick a model strong enough to do the biggest job u need done. For a lot of what I will do, I could have got a BX (great machine)... But what I picked will do EVERYTHING I need to do...and then some.

    Whatever brand... Get the right size (comfort/dimensions/power/capability). You'll like it then.

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    Default Re: Mahindramax 25 VS TYM T293

    I have the MAX 22 and love it. For me it is ideal, but that is for me. A tractor is as personal a purchase as jeans, whatever fits you is best, not what fits me or Joe blow. From what I have read on this forum LS makes a good tractor as does TYM.

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    Default Re: Mahindramax 25 VS TYM T293

    Quote Originally Posted by madmax12 View Post
    On another thread, someone was talking up that model TYM. If u search for it in the forum, u might find that helpful. I think it was within the last couple months. I think that OP was considering mahindra and massey, too... But I'm not certain.
    Whatever brand... Get the right size (comfort/dimensions/power/capability). You'll like it then.
    For at least one of the referenced threads, I was the OP. That thread is here. I was looking at the Max22 or Max25, TYM 233, kubota BX series, JD 1026, Kioti CK20 and MF GC2400.

    As a newbie who is just getting ready to pull the trigger, I reiterate the best advice I heard here:

    1) Buy as big as you can afford as you will always find more uses than you thought unless you want to trade in and buy bigger a few years from now.
    2) All of the better known brands are good, well built units. There will always be some parts that break.
    3) Given #2 above, choose a dealer that will be around AND provide good customer service. The service after the fact is as important if not more so than which one you pick from any of the top tier brands.
    4) Put your butt in them as they all feel different.

    I discounted the Mahindra's due to ergonomics. Both myself and girlfriend need to use it and the Maxs felt awkward reaching for the FEL control mounted to the boom mounts. The one and only dealer was too far away also.

    My short list was the TYM 293, Kioti CK20 and Bobcat CT 122 as it is a CK20 with some added features. I have ruled out the CK20 as quick attach is NOT an option and buying the aftermarket adapter still means that I have to alter the bucket and weld on a quick attach plate.

    The CT122 and CT255 are still on the list and I will touch them tomorrow. There is only a $700 difference between a 2011 CT122 leftover and a 2012 CT225. For $700, I could go the CT225 but its also a 1000# heavier and am not sure about that on new construction/lawn. Drop off/Pickup charges are negotiable, meaning they do NOT cover that unless I scream loudly.

    The TYM 293 is still a strong contender and I had a lengthy conversation with the dealer about TYM backing them. While the dealer has been in business for 30 years, I wanted to make sure that THEY were not going to be thrown under the bus by TYM for warranty work. The dealer acknowledged that three years ago or so, they had bad experiences with TYM for parts availability but that has cleared up and they have not had any problems. He told me that the South Koreans came in and fired Sr. Management at TYM-USA and it's been good since them. (independent verification/dispute of this claim is welcome). The dealer will also pick up/drop off for free for warranty work.

    I expect to make a decision next week. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Mahindramax 25 VS TYM T293

    Thanks for the replies! going by the tym dealer this afternoon I'll poke around there... the 2 hr away thing worries me a little though. I left a message there at 10;00am yesterday and they said he (I guess the only guy to deal with) would be there any min.
    Didn't hear back yesterday I guess he is too busy maybe he'll call today.
    Leaning tword Mahinrda
    I too will make a decision next week.
    Thanks again for the replies!

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    Default Re: Mahindramax 25 VS TYM T293

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