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    Default cutting thru the ads, who has tried the tractors

    Greetings, I am an old rookie. I have only ever mowed a lawn. However we are trying to buy acreage with
    tree stumps and small hills. We want to be ready for hauling, digging, snow removal and mowing a small part
    I like the john deere 1 series. I havent ever seen one just online. Who can compare with pricing and versatility
    and is diesel the only option for these size tractors?

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    Default Re: cutting thru the ads, who has tried the tractors

    I have had both and prefer diesel for both tractor and truck. Visit some different colored tractor dealers and gather your information, sit on them, drive them, which one feels the best, how is the dealer?, etc.
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    Default Re: cutting thru the ads, who has tried the tractors

    Agree, look at all different brands and try them out. We have a John Deere and kubota SCUT, but several brands are good and you might find you want something a little bigger or confirm the SCUT is just right.
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    Default Re: cutting thru the ads, who has tried the tractors

    Once you get anything above something to just mow the lawn, it will be a diesel, and there is good reason for it.

    The Deere 1 series is nice, but what do you plan on doing with it? You might be able to get away with less or need more. I know people with a lot of acreage, but only have a riding mower because they don't like doing work like I do. If you plan on doing a lot of mowing with the ability to do a little work, the Deere 1 series and comparable are great machines.

    Go to your local dealers (all brands) and sit on all the different sized tractors and see what you like and what feels most comfortable too you. In the end if you don't like operating the tractor, there's no point in owning it.

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    Default Re: cutting thru the ads, who has tried the tractors

    They are all good, but I like kubota best. Time to go tractor shopping!
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