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    Default john deer 5045e vs 5055e and 5065 e

    looking at buying a 5045 e john deer with a 553 loader.
    does the 45 hp tractor have enough power for that large fron end loader or should i get the 5055 0r 5065?

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    Default Re: john deer 5045e vs 5055e and 5065 e

    I have been looking at the John Deere 5000 series tractors too. I have asked myself this same question.. I talked to a guy who bought a 5045d, and he said it have plenty of pulling power, and such.. I don't think he had a loader on it though. The man I talked to had a farm, and used it to bale hay, plow, disc, use scraper blade, and use a rotary cutter. It is on youtube, as easyrider65.. I test drove a 5045D, and a 5055E with loader.. If the 5045E doesn't have enough power, then the 5055E would be as high as you would need to go.. There is a video on youtube from tractorhouse I believe with a 5045E with loader, they demonstrate it's functioning.. It seems it would likely be ok.. I talked to a guy that had a 5045E, and asked him if it had enough pulling power, he said, that it pulled over 20,000 lbs up a considerable hill, and slope.. He said, it seemed to struggle a little bit, but it had the power.. He said he was suprised that it pull that much weight up hill..

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    Default Re: john deer 5045e vs 5055e and 5065 e

    The 5055E has the same engine just rated at a high HP rating.. They do have a little larger tires for the back, that you can get.. with them being filled with ballast it would be a more solid mach I would think.. As many people will tell you, it depends on how heavy of material you plan on moving, and lifting with the bucket.. You can look up this video on youtube.. Type in Tractor stuck in Mud.. about the 4th, or 5th video down you will see a video that says 4x4 tractor stuck in mud... that is a John Deere 5103 4x4 I believe.. which is the model before the 5045E, but a very close comparison to what you are looking at.. same tire size, and everything.. maybe this will give you a better understanding..

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