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    Default Buying new M7040 vs M8540 vs JD capabilties and pricing

    I am new here and looking for 60-85 Hp M series or JD tractor in SW Michigan. Property details: 22 acres of very hilly, heavily wooded (old growth) land on a river where I plan to build a timber frame home and shop 2) 12 acres of family land where I grew up along with 55 acres of farm land I lease to a farmer for corn--these two parcels are 3 miles away from my 22 acres where I will be using the tractor 75% of the time, however I will store it here in my shop until i build a new one.

    I have hired a bull dozer to clear a few roads already. I will be using my tractor for: 1) land clearing 2) picking up/skidding large logs to stack for portable saw mill 3) grading/maintaining dirt driveways 4) brush hogging 6-7 acre pasture & some trails 5) I will be in a mix of terrain --manicured grass, dirt trails, some softer soils, roads (I will be driving 2.5 miles to my property every time to do the work) 6) snow removal 7) general property mainentance and compound building. We currently have an older Cub Cadet HST 4x4 36hp with FEL that we will be keeping, however it is simply not enough tractor.

    I originally wanted a 7040 with cab and FEL and R4 tires. I have found some locally for 44,000 and i realize for about 3,000 more I can get an 8540 (was quoted 45,700 + 1000 for front remote). These prices are before negotiations, Im confident I can get 2-3k off these prices. Question #1--in terms of manuverability and ease of using, what are going to be the main pros/cons of the 8540 vs 7040? I know it is 10" longer, is this going to be tougher to manuver in the woods? I know the loader is much more substantial and I will be doing a fair amount of loader work with a grapple. 2) Are their any other big differences? Assuming that the $3k is not an issue, what would the drawbacks of larger machine be? Is now the time to get an 8540 before the new more restrictive engines come out? Any other feedback regarding the differences between the two would be appreciated. Is the suspension seat option worth it? Seems like it would be. I am going to test drive them this weekend. Finally what is a comparable JD? It seems like the 5083E is 5-8k more?

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    Default Re: Buying new M7040 vs M8540 vs JD capabilties and pricing

    A John Deere M (5075M or 5085M) should run about that much more, but has quite a few more options. I think the E (5083e) should run about the same and be more similarly equipped.

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    Default Re: Buying new M7040 vs M8540 vs JD capabilties and pricing

    i happen to own a 7040 i dont think 10'' would make it that much more of a pain i say for 3k more get the 8540 3k is change when your talk 40k+ my fel is not enough for me at times the LA1353 Alot more fel ask Triple R about the 8540 cab tractor he has one i wanted one out of my price range

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    Default Re: Buying new M7040 vs M8540 vs JD capabilties and pricing

    Welcome to the site!

    I like the M8540, I bought one back in 2008.
    Differences between 8540 and 7040: longer, wider, heavier, larger tires, more hydraulic flow, more power, more three point lift capacity, stronger FEL, transmission lock mechanism (very useful in my opinion), 12 speed transmission option, and probably more.

    Land clearing: tractors are not bulldozers, but a heavier and stronger tractor will be better for this task. I just used my FEL and bucket (and a three point hitch rotary cutter on the back) to clear out a couple of old stumps a few days ago.

    Picking up and skidding large logs: I do this with my tractor, I have a small sawmill. I use my pallet forks to pick up and move logs around and I skid them also using a box blade, would like to get a logging winch some day. I believe that the M8540 is more stable for this task, although in tight quarters the 7040 might be better.

    You mentioned about looking at a tractor with a cab and also about working in the woods. My tractor is an open station ROPS, there is no way I could use a cab tractor for the stuff I do in the woods and in tight places, I would destroy a cab.

    Maneuverability: When I first looked at the 7040 and 8540 I thought that the 8540 would be too big, after a test drive I realized it was not too big and that it had good maneuverability and I felt comfortable with it. However, with the FEL sticking out the front and an attachment on the rear there will be some places that you won't be able to go. I've got a 72" bucket which is better than the 84" bucket for tight areas, and I have a heavy duty 72" rotary cutter for tight areas and tough cutting jobs. I have a 10 foot cutter for open areas.

    Drawbacks of 8540 compared to 7040: The 8540 is a little wider and longer and does not turn quite as tight as the 7040. Heavier tractor makes trailering more difficult, I never trailer mine.

    Spend a little time on each tractor and see which one you like best and which one you think will work best for your property. Take your time and have fun!
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    I have had a M8540 for a few years and 400 hrs. I work in very hilly, uneven ground and find it to be a excellent piece of equipment.
    I addition to what I have on my spec. sheet, I have the air ride seat. It is well worth the money.


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    Default Re: Buying new M7040 vs M8540 vs JD capabilties and pricing

    with what all your wanting todo id pay the extra an get the youll be money power an time you can skid an lift the logs.

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