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    Default PTO Chipper/Shredder Advice

    So here is the problem I'm facing: I have decided to add a small composting operation to my farming activities (because I just have too much free time as it is, lol). My funds are limited for this endeavor, so I will be basically bootstrapping this one. What I would like to do is purchase roughly shredded pine in bulk, which I can get delivered in almost unlimited quantities for next to nothing. Then, source some cheap nitrogen, like poultry manure, which is abundant in my area, mix, wait, repeat, and viola, cheap compost.
    Now when I say roughly shredded pine, I do mean very roughly chipped whole pine trees (approx 1/4" to 1" diameter pieces with most pieces under 8" in length). I will need to shred this material much more finely if I want it to produce reasonable results in my time frame. I am thinking that a PTO driven chipper/shredder would be ideal for this as it would provide an adequate amount of HP (tractor puts out 36.7 HP at the PTO) for the job while allowing me to move the chipper along the windrows easily and keeping the cost down. I have a skid steer available for the loading work. I want a shredder I can just dump the material in the hopper with the loader (without it constantly jamming), and that will produce at least a 5:1 reduction of the material. Anyone have any experience with double shredded mulch, or know of a model of chipper/shredder they can recommend for my requirements? Any general ideas for accomplishing this task are appreciated as well.

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    Default Re: PTO Chipper/Shredder Advice

    Have you considered a hammer mill? I don't have any experience in this area. I was considering making wood pellets. Chip first, then hammer mill then pellet mill. That turned out to be more investment than I was willing to make -- but it was fun doing some research.

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    Default Re: PTO Chipper/Shredder Advice

    What about a grinder? I've seen these used for reasonable money. I'd think you'd need pretty fine grinding for compost.

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    Default Re: PTO Chipper/Shredder Advice

    Unless you got a great deal on a chipper/shredder, I don't think one would be your best option.
    Chipper/Shredders are great for branches up to 5" diameter (for the Chipper) and twigs and brush for the shredder, but the mix of material you describe would be, in my opinion, too large (in diameter) for the shredder and the smaller stuff would be too small for the chipper. I think you'd have a lot of jams.
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