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    Default Oil type for 1954 Dexta

    3 point lift on my Ford Dexta slowly bleeds off. Had the seal replaced assuming it was bad. Still the same problem. Someone suggested I should use 80 weight oil. Is the right answer? If yes, who sells this special blend? thanks.
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    Default Re: Oil type for 1954 Dexta

    a lift that slowly bleeds off when the pump is off is not a huge deal.. if it will hold up a minute or more under load, that's fine for 95% of farm work.

    it's possible the cyl bore is not perfect and that's the leak.. or could be thru a check valve or relief, or control valve.

    heaveir oil may mask the problem a little bit.. however.. you also risk cavitation in the pump, and a blown pump, unless it was designed to pump heavy oil. for instance.. a ford N with a scotch yoke pump was specifically designed to pump 90w oil. pumps on the newer machines were designed around utf fluids.

    sc gets cloder than fl.. gear oil in a hyds system might as well be a lump of grease when it gets cold.. that is not healthy for a hydro pump....

    your call.

    I don't have a manual for the dexta.. so am just putting some general info out.

    most other ford products are specifying a m2c134 spec utf style oil in hyds...

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