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    Default JD 7330 vs NH T6070

    In need of new tractor. Currently trying to decide between the two listed. The Blue T6070 is about $20K less but I've always owned Green. Dealers are both within 5 miles. Anyone want to comment on either or both?


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    Default Re: JD 7330 vs NH T6070

    We have a 7130 premium and love it. Same tractor as the 7330 except the 71 has a 4 cylinder engine vs the 7230+ tractors. Is the 7330 a premium? We traded our 6410 with a 640 loader that we had for years in on a 7220 with a 740 loader. It wasn't a premium. The hydraulics were so slow that loader work took forever. Had it to the dealer numerous times to speed it up. They did a little but it was still slow. It had the smallest hydro pump on it that you could get. Also, that tractor had numerous warnings that kept coming on, and when you took it over a couple miles on the road it would go into limp mode and hardly run above idle. It only had about 500 hours on it and the dealer could never determine the problem. Had that tractor for about 6 months and in and out of the dealership, we finally traded it for the 7330 and they put our 740 loader on it for nothing. Haven't had any trouble with this one so far. It's built much heavier than the tractor we traded off.

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