Just a thought to ponder. kubota sent me some $500 off new purchase coupons when I paid off Kubota purchases #12 and #13. I've been pondering the purchase of a new Kubota F3080 72" deck for awhile. Even offered my F2680 60" deck for sale by owner with no sale which I have to sell before I can buy the new one. Well, the coupons and no good bites on the F2680e took me to Barlows on Oct 2 to make my trade in of the F2680e and order the new F3080. He hit enter to ship the new one and my paperwork with payments for the new one. As I scanned the numbers I saw this wild payment number at the bottom of the page and almost fell out of the chair. It showed my payments for 36 months instead of 60 months. Steve had entered the 0% interest and the computer kicked out the 36 months instead of the 60 months. I WAS 2 DAYS TO LATE TO GET THE 60 MONTHS INTEREST!!! Now to get the 60 months it is 3.49% interest for an additinal cost of $1200. OK, when people say to always sell yourself and don't trade with a dealer because you'll save so much more.......I guess I'll be the one that has to make the comment...not always.
I'm going to give it till after the first of Nov and then go ahead and buy and pay the extra hoping the rates come down for the F then. If they don't....it's one of those "HE WHO HESITATES IS LOST".
Will rates go up in the spring? Will prices go up in the spring? Who knows but if the economy improves then maybe yes to both. Your money, your gamble and depending on the cost of the machine it can be a big gamble and for what possible gain? Thinking pricing or rates will go down? That's never going to happen but going up probably will happen.
Glad I got my coupons to help offset my loss for waiting.