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    Default 4310 vs L3130

    I've been looking at JD and kubota ,reading your discussions on each model, lot of info from all. The part I'm having trouble with is which one to get, the deler I have been talking to handles both tractors so its easy to compare models side by side. The JD 4310 430 fel, 72 mmm, mid- pto, 3rd valve, R4 tires, epower reveser, $19,500. The L3130 GST LA723 L2203 valve, 72 " square bucket, mid-pto,set of turf and set of ag tires[r4's wont work with mmm], $20,228 so price is not a factor between either tractor. I do have 8 acres to mow also 500' drive way I have a Mitsi 180d with loader and hoe I've been using for dirt work still going to keep it for a while, [kids need to use it] I am looking for a good reason to swing me to either green or orange, sorry i'm not a hydo person I like to push the foot throttle, Thanks for the info.

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    Default Re: 4310 vs L3130

    There is no right answer. Since both units are at the same dealer, then the choice is up to you. The right tractor is the one that fits your needs, not mine or anyone elses.

    My reasons for going with kubota and not relevent in your case. However, if you haven't driven both then you need to do so BEFORE you make a choice. And you need to drive an HST or an eHydro BEFORE you eliminate them.

    Final thought - you have not given us any information on what you plan to do with the CUT. A lot of our opinions on what's right would be based on that knowledge. For instance, if you have 600 acres - then both tractors are wrong for you. If you have a 60 x 120 lot in the city, then both tractors are wrong. If you live on a mountain, then both tractors are wrong. If you... heck, you probably get the picture... [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    By the way, welcome to TBN. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: 4310 vs L3130

    I have twenty acres 8 of it is mowed have a 500 foot lane to keep clear of snow. I have had small backhoe so most of the trees and holes that needed dug are done but will get a backhoe for the new tractor at a later date, I did drive the hydro's around the dealers lot they are nice but I still like the "shuttle shift",right now there is only $500 difference between e-rev and hydro .

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    Default Re: 4310 vs L3130

    You've choosing between the two top brands and can't go wrong with either one, so it boils down to support. If this dealer turns out to be not so good, a poor service dept., goes out of business, etc., how far to the next dealer and how many of them? For me, there's one kubota dealer and four Deere dealers within a 30 minute radius, so my Deere (4310 eHydro) will be here next week. Your pricing looks pretty good on the Deere, not sure on the orange one.

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    Default Re: 4310 vs L3130

    I looked at both of these tractors. I felt like the kubota offered a more rugged tractor. Most of my dirtwork is ahead of me so the strength and quality of the Kubota loader and backhoe were most important to me. I'm not bashing JD, the Kubota just fit my needs better. With 8 acres to mow I'd concentrate on which seat fit my backside more comfortably!

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