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    Default Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    My first post - but I've read a lot of threads and learned a ton from all of you.

    I'm shopping for the replacement for my JD 850. Based on dealers in my area it is really only kubota and JD and maybe Bobcat (but they only have a few dusty CUTs and a lot full of skidsteers and excavators) and maybe MF (but they only have one demo CUT and a field full of swathers and combines).

    I'm down to the 3320/3520 for JD or the L3800/GL3540 for Kubota.

    The HST+ on the GrandL 40 series seems like a really nice feature and pretty unique to Kubota.

    BUT... is it actually useful or is it just good ideas and hype?

    Dual speed - use it or just leave it at one speed?
    HST Response Control - do you use different settings for different tasks or just set it and forget it?
    Three modes (regular/stall-guard/auto HDS) - switch between them for different tasks or not?

    Thanks for the wisdom of experience.

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    Default Re: Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    I have no personal experience with HST+, but the people that buy them and use them, report that HST+ is really worthwhile. I have only heard positives on the system. As for the L3800 and the GL3540 there are many other features differentiating the two tractors. Weight, and of course the luxury features, but one of the most important ones is the telescoping lower links and sway bars.. All tractors should come so equipped in my opinion, but the L3800 while a good tractor has some corners cut to save money. If you change out 3pt implements very often you will cuss the "standard" lower links and turnbuckles. The telescoping lower links and sway bars make hookup easy. Be sure to get the SSQA on the front end of the kubota also, for the same reason, if you ever want forks or a grapple, you will have to have it. Pin on buckets limit your choices.

    James K0UA
    James KUA

    Kioti DK35se hydrostat with 2 QA buckets, 48 inch. King Kutter Rotary Cutter. 750 lbs ballast box. Loaded tires, Construction Attachments SSQA Lightweight Pallet forks. EA 50 inch single lid "wicked" Grapple. Satisfied Everlast PA160 welder owner How to add a link to a post . Best way to search TBN

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    Default Re: Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    I looked at the JD3720 before buying my L3940. Really was not that imressed. Small tractor, small tires, many plastic parts, cheap display/dash board, just not the tractor I wanted to spend my money on. Just my opinion.

    The HST+ has many nice features, took me several weeks to appreciate tham all, but I was coming from a 1950 Ford 8N.

    Dual speed, use it all the time. Great for FEL work, low into pile, high for transport. When mowing, low for mowing, high to next cut.

    Reponse control, leave it in low most of the time and forget it, when hydro pedal is realsed, you come to a smooth stop. When operating around kids, tight quarters, expensive equipment, or dangerous areas, I may adjust to medium or high for that quicker (jerky) stop when hydro pedal is released.

    Three stages, rarely use it.

    Auto throttle, use it all the time except for when pto is engaged.

    Drive as many tractors for as long as you can. Nothing like on the seat comparisions.

    Check out this video.
    kubota HST-Plus Transmission - YouTube!

    Good luck with your decision.

    Kubota L3940HST-1 2009
    84" front blade
    LA724 loader w/HD 72" round back bucket
    turf tires
    Kubota GR2120 2013
    Kubota W5019 PC
    Ford 8N 1950
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    Default Re: Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    I own a kubota L3240 HST model. Once you learn how to use the HST, as has been addressed above, you will forever after be spoiled.

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    Default Re: Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    Welcome aboard

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    Default Re: Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    I've had my 3540 for a couple of Weeks now and like Philip, I keep the auto throttle on all of the time. While doing some FEL work over the weekend, the tractor stalled and I remembered, hey, this tractor has some sort of stall guard thingy on it. I pushed the button and went back into the dirt pile again and a few minutes later, I had I bunch of dirt on my teeth from the permagrin that the tractor had created.

    I choose the 3540 because of the extra features that made since to me.

    I guess the best advise I could give you is, if you don't like the taste of dirt, don't get a Grand L.

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    Default Re: Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    I love my new Kioti DK45 HST. It is the exact same tractor as the Bobcat CT445 HST (made by the same company from South Korea), except for the front end loader. Unfortunately, Bobcat uses a different loader that doesn't have the same lift capacity as the Kioti FEL.

    The one feature I would LOVE to have and would have paid extra for is HST+. Other than HST + the Bobcat will match or beat most specs of the Grand L and give you more tractor for your $. I'd personally look for a Kioti for the extra warranty and beefier FEL and have the Bobcat dealer service it.

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    Default Re: Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    To be honest, while the HST+ seemed "nice" in theory, I wasn't completely sold on it. My L5030 HSTC did everything I needed done without it and just didn't see the real need for it.

    For other reasons, easier to get in and out, roomier cab, I had to trade it in and got an L5740. After getting use to the features of the HST+, I really see the advantages and use the dual speed every time I use my tractor. I use the auto throttle when using pallet forks moving stuff around, dirt work etc. I haven't bothered with response control or stall guard; guess I used the regular HST so long I can just "feel" the need to back off or change ranges.

    I really like it; whether it's a deal maker/breaker is pretty much going to depend on the individual. My only caveat is don't depend on a test drive around the lot to give you a real feel for it as I was not initially impressed and it took a while for me to fully appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    I love the dual speed. Like Philip said you have the low range for work and the high for trasnport. Because of this feature I am in medium range 90% of the time. I love the auto throttle adavance, it is always on unless I am doing pto work. I change the response around once in while depending on what type of work of I am doing. I mostly have the stall guard on with auto dual speed, just so it will change from high to low. I really love the dual speed hydro.

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    Default Re: Is the Kubota HST+ really a plus?

    I have never heard a customer say they could have lived without it after owning a tractor with it. We've only had great praises of how much easier it is to operate different terrains while mowing and still be able to use the cruise control without resetting it and a whole host of other pluses. This is even from one customer that wanted to buy a standard transmission tractor for simplicities sake as all his cars and trucks are standard.

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