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    Default Re: Newbie buying 4115-ish tractor... seeking advice!

    I will add my voice to the others here. The dealer can make or break your enjoyment of your CUT.
    I went with green. The dealer had a fair price and got my vote for follow through.
    I wanted the possibility of a backhoe, so I started looking at the 4210... ended up going with the JD 4310.. the size was right, the price was right and the dealer was right.
    I visited 4 dealers (all within 30 miles) 2 green, 2 orange. I found one great orange dealer and one great green dealer. One orange was bad enough that I would have gone out of state and still had better service.
    The eHydro is JD's name for the hydrostatic transmission--I love mine. Makes for a really useful tool, and it is also easier to teach other family members to use.
    I would certainly figure out if you want to pay your money to the dealer you have had the problems with.
    Good luck in your search. Ask questions.
    I am thrilled with my purchase.

    JD 4310 MFWD eHydro, 430 FEL, 47 Backhoe, LX5 rotary cutter, 550 Tiller, iMatch, iMatch ballast box

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    Default Re: Newbie buying 4115-ish tractor... seeking advice!

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">(
    Stick with the R4’s for the puncture proof aspect, the Turf’s are the worst for punctures, also stick with the R4’s for lots of loader work vs. the very poor tire strength Turf’s have…))</font>
    Great, thanks. I am hearing a lot of folks recommend the R4s... logically they make sense. I drove around on them and the ride was smooth enough for me, so I don't see any reason not to go with them.
    </font><font color="blue" class="small">(
    Curious… what are the techniques you plan on using to “digging out stumps/rocks” with this class of tractor and no backhoe…?
    Well, I won't get huge boulders out, but I've found I can usually push a stump over to break the tap root, and then pop it out by hooking it with the edge of the loader. The rocks I'm digging will probably require a little shovel-prep work, but I can't lift them (many are in excess of 500 pounds) so once I get them loose I figure I can roll them up out of the hole with the loader and then scoop them up [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] I might not have any luck with this but it's my plan!

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Default Re: Newbie buying 4115-ish tractor... seeking advice!

    First, thank you all for the great advice!

    Before I forget to mention: I did look at Kubota and New Holland. As far as I could tell they all would do fine. I just don't want any surprises as far as features, and I figured the "neighbors drive Deere" reason was as good as any I could come up with. The locals almost all drive Deere too, so I figure I can resell easily... I know that's not a huge factor but like I said, I'm not really coming up with any better reasons [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] I've also borrowed a friend's 4310 and it could clearly do all the work I wanted, and in fact was a tad big for my property. But I liked operating it.

    I am leaning toward the 4210, because it is the first model in the line that comes equipped with eHydro. I also like that it can drive a 5' rotary cutter for pasture mowing, and it's a bit heavier for the landscaping/light-excavating I plan on.

    I'm thinking I'll configure it with 4WD, eHydro, and R4 tires, and a mid-PTO in case I decide to make a bigger lawn and mow it with a mid-mount mower. If I can talk the dealer down to $16k with a FEL included, have I done okay? MSRP WITHOUT the loader is $18,400... I can't find what MSRP is on the 420 loader. There is also $1000 manufacturer's rebate.

    Here's a cut and paste of how I configured it, in case there's something you guys think I included I don't need, or something I'll wish I did include later!

    BASE MACHINE $15,169.00
    129DLV 4210 Tractor

    FRONT AXLE In Base Price
    1005 4 Wheel Drive

    1505 Tall Folding ROPS

    TRANSMISSION $2,400.00
    2025 eHydro

    MID PTO $390.00
    2505 Mid PTO

    Mid PTO is only Available as a Field Installed Option (LVB25291) on Tractors Equipped with 2WD Axle and Syncshift Transmission.

    4510 23X8.5-12

    7000 Less Dual Selective Control Valve

    7500 Rockshaft With Flat Bar Draft Links

    Configured Features - Optional

    9001 iMatch quick hitch System

    Includes one set of Bushings (LVU12858). $220.00

    TOTAL: $18,389

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    Default Re: Newbie buying 4115-ish tractor... seeking advice!

    Get what you like. I am not impressed with what you said about that dealer. A pushmower is one thing but you are about to make a substantial investment.

    ""I'm thinking I ought to go Deere because all five of my neighbors drive John Deere, so I'm hoping that they can help me out with mechanical problems. I can do light engine work, but hydraulics and drivetrain I have no experience with, so I'm thinking I might need to rely on them for help. Does this seem like a good reason to go John Deere?""

    No, it does not. I would not get what my neighbors get, I like to set the pace. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] In any case I doubt your new tractors should require engine work for years regardless of it being a JD. The JD has the excellent engine built by Yanamar for them. It is a solid piece.
    Good luck. J

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    John Deere 4410

    Default Re: Newbie buying 4115-ish tractor... seeking advi

    Your dealer needs to work more on that price. This is what I came up with which is pretty much near rock bottom.

    4210 4WD
    Mid PTO
    Dual mid &amp; single rear scv's (you need these with a mmm)


    You will probably have to work up from this price but I would not got too far above that. Check around with several JD dealers and compare.

    Here is a dealer who sells on line, this should give you a ball park figure. This is not a bad price.

    Link to 4210 Online Pricing

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    Default Re: Newbie buying 4115-ish tractor... seeking advi

    I thought I posted this already, but I must have closed the browser without submitting it [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Here's the price I'm getting ready to accept:

    - 4WD
    - eHydro
    - R4 tires

    JD LX5 rotary cutter

    JD 420 Loader w/ Ballast Box

    Land Pride Post Hole Digger with 9" auger

    Total package price: $19,000 even

    I did get a lower quote ($18,300) but I didn't like that dealer at all.

    What do you guys think? Is this a fair price?


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