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    Default Torn Between Two Tractors: Which to buy?

    I have never owned a tractor before and am looking for one to take care of 5 acres of land that is mostly flat. I have done a lot of research on tractors and know that I would like one in the MF135 or Ford 200/3000 range of machines. I am now torn between two tractors that I have found for sale. Both look as if they are well cared for and in decent shape. Each has its issues but none at this time are deal breakers. I'd like some advice from those who have a lot more experience than I do with tractors. Here's what they are...

    - Gas
    - hours not known
    - Power steering
    - Locking Differential
    - Good metal
    - New back tires
    - no major leaks
    - Main issue is that the live PTO doesn't completely engage but the owner says the clutch needs adjusted. He is pretty sure it doesn't need replaced.
    - He has been using the tractor without the PTO just fine.
    - Will sell it to me for $2825

    - Perkins diesel
    - Live PTO
    - everything works except a couple of the gauges.
    - Comes with all the books
    - Taken care of really well.
    - No locking differential
    - Main issue is that it smokes a little when it is started. Stops smoking when it is warmed up. Burns little oil.
    - 2nd issue is that there is about a 1/2 steering wheel play in the steering. Owner says it can be adjusted.
    - Will sell for $3000

    Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Torn Between Two Tractors: Which to buy?

    It depends on how much you are going to use it. If you are going to use it alot, the diesel would be better. If you are only going to use it 50 hrs a year or less, the gas might be better because it would easier and cheaper to repair.

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    Default Re: Torn Between Two Tractors: Which to buy?

    That clutch issue on the MF135 might be fixed with a simple adjustment. Or it might need a new clutch pack which means splitting the tractor. You need that PTO clutch to work reliably for mowing work, which I assume is what you mean by "taking care" of your 5 acres.

    Ask the Seller to try the clutch adjustment and see what he says. If he'll do it and it works, then the 135 price looks OK and I'd go for the 135 (a more modern tractor than the MF35). If he blows you off, then I'd go with the MF35. The locking differential is not that important for mowing your 5 acres. It's used more for plowing work.

    Good luck.

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    My preference would be for the diesel 35. However the gas 135, particularly if it is truly just a clutch linkage problem, would be a great tractor as well. On the 35, what was the source of the steering wheel play?

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    Default Re: Torn Between Two Tractors: Which to buy?

    I would go with the gas. Have someone knowledgeable check the clutch, plan on 600 to 800 to fix the clutch. Clutche and bearing cost about 200 to reline and machine and anywhere from 200 to 400 for the labor to install.
    Probably 2000 to 2250 for the tractor or find something else.

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    Default Re: Torn Between Two Tractors: Which to buy?


    The new tires are a plus. I prefer a diesel motor of a gas on a tractor, they don't stink as bad. If the clutch just needs adjusted have him do it before you buy it it. If it needs a clutch $2825 is too much for it.

    MF 35
    I like that it is a diesel. The 135 has a better hydraulic system. What gauges are not working on it? If the tractor has a lot of steering wheel play it has been used a lot. What color was the smoke?

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