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    Default Kubota L285 vs. Ford 1900

    I've got 2 beauties to look at this week. Allegedly, both these are around the same vintage. It may be difficult to have you folks evaluate these,but all things being equal, which of these units is preferable to the other? Both are 2WD, "reasonable" hours, both very solid. Neither has noteworthy problems.
    Which of these tractors would you say was preferable to the other? I'm looking to do some small time dirt farming this year and need a fairly solid unit that can pull a single moldboard plow, a 5 foot bush hog, 5 foot tiller.


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    Default Re: Kubota L285 vs. Ford 1900

    I had an L185DT, it was a tough tractor - parts are still available, and as years go by it should hold its value from now on you should be able to sell it for what you paid if kept in good shape. That is if they are equal condition, hours and maintenance which is not likely unless they had the same owner.

    So i would favor the L285 - its made by kubota, not Shibaura for Ford, but at the end of the day I would buy the one in best condition and evidence of maitenance.
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    Default Re: Kubota L285 vs. Ford 1900

    I had a 2wd L245 for many years, did some plowing and a Bunch of mowing with a 5' bush hog. I actually wore out 3 light duty mowers with this tractor. It was tough as nails! The L285 is very similar just a bit larger.

    That said, I like the Fords also, but never owned one.
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