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    Default Does this sound okay for a package price?

    Just got a quote on a new JD 790 four wheel drive with 419 FEL. Also included is a Bush Hog SQ6000 5' rotary cutter, PTO driven auger with 9" bit, and a Tuffline 5' box blade and a tooth bar for the FEL bucket. Quote 15,800 for the package. Drove the tractor Saturday and loved it. Price sounds okay to me but was wondering if it sounds okay to the people on the board too. I'm not too interested in nickel and dimeing the dealer as I plan to keep it a long time and hope he will stay in business to service it, etc.

    Will be maintaining about 11 acres, 6 in pasture, 2 to be converted to pasture, rest in hardwoods.

    Steve Wells

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    Default Re: Does this sound okay for a package price?

    Sounds about like what I paid. Tractor on order.


    790 4wd dual SCVs no mid PTO
    R-4 tires
    419 loader 61" HD bucket hooks welded on
    Grill guard
    JD LX-5 60" rotary cutter w/ slip clutch and laminated tail wheel

    Don't know what you ordered the R-4's are $200 extra and the slip clutch and laminated tire are probably about $150 or so extra on the LX-5. Your bush hog is also probably a few less $$ than the JD. But you got 2 extra implements for $900.

    Sounds decent without knowing what the cost of the ph digger, blade,does BH have a slip clutch and what the tractor details are. I think you may be able to do a little better but not too much. Give us the details and the real experts on here can give a truer answer.

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    Default Re: Does this sound okay for a package price?

    Well, the price breakdown went like this. The 790 four wheel drive with R4 tires and 419 loader was priced at 13,750. The SQ600 Bush Hog has an integral slip clutch but it isn't the heaviest duty unit and was priced at 800. It is advertised to cut material up to 1" and my dealer says it will cut the occasional 1.5" material no problem. The toothbar, installed was priced at 250. The 9" auger was priced at $375. The Tuffline 5' Box Blade was priced at $525.

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    Default Re: Does this sound okay for a package price?

    Sounds like we did about the same. I did quite a bit of shopping/research and I did the best I could. SO, if I were you I would be pretty happy with that deal.

    Here's my logic:

    The LX-5 was probably about 200-300 more than the bush hog( maybe not any better but it is green [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]) but you got the toothbar so it's a wash. If I add the 900 dollars you spent on the other 2 implements to my cost we're even.

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    Default Re: Does this sound okay for a package price?

    I agree that it sounds about the same. I didn't dicker with the dealer at all. That was the first price he gave me right out of the box. I'd heard good things about them and I'm encouraged to think he's doing good for me from the start.

    By the way, how do you like yours? I think I'll get mine by Wednesday this week and be able to start on the work I've got stacked up for it.

    Steve Wells

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    Default Re: Does this sound okay for a package price?

    Well it was SUPPOSED to be at the dealers on friday 06/27 from Deere but now Deere is giving him a date of 07/18. He called this morning and he is trying to get a unit from another dealer. The first dealer that had one was equiped with ag tires so I passed. He is trying others.

    This dealer gave me a good price right off the bat as compared to my local guy so I too bought and didn't haggle. I much prefer someone to give me their "best" price upfront and skip the B.S. Based on my research it was a good price so I went with it as you did. Maybe I could have saved a few bucks if I really worked him but I liked the fact that he didn't pull the usual "quote way high and get into a wrestling match" junk.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Does this sound okay for a package price?

    I have the Bush Hog SQ600 with slip clutch and am VERY pleased with the unit. It cuts 1" saplings without any trouble at all and I've gone up to 2" a time or two. The larger diameter saplings cut fairly easily, although sometimes you need to go back over the tree to finish the job. For the pasture grasses that I have it's the perfect machine.

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    Default Re: Does this sound okay for a package price?

    Thanks for the info on the SQ600. I think it will handle what I have to do. I had a fellow with a really heavy duty rotary cutter come in last year and clear all the heavy stuff. Now, I just have to maintain what he already cleared.

    Steve Wells

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    Default Re: Does this sound okay for a package price?

    I was going to ask you about your 790 delivery. That must be frustrating! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] Did the dealer say with the delay was about? The 18th of July is not that far off. I would much prefer to get a factory delivery tractor than a unit that others may have been testing and demoing. Sorry to hear that. Hope they can get it hear sooner and surprise you. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Does this sound okay for a package price?

    Well I spoke to the dealer about a week before the original date JD computer gave him (06/27) and it was still due. Then a few days before the 27th he checked again and got a date for 07/18. I objected mildly and he said he would look at other dealers for the tractor. Found one yesterday but with ags so he went back to looking. If I don't hear today I think July 18th is the date.

    I like the dealer but July 18th BETTER happen. He has assured me that I get the 1st 790 on the lot so we'll see. Normally my pessimistic side would be working overtime but this guy seems like a straight shooter.

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