I am thinking about upgrading my 60" 26hp gas mower to a diesel one. Now that I have a diesel tractor I want to have similar fuel to buy. This would also the last mower I would have to buy. This should last me 20+ years or so. Another advantage to the diesel engines is that they are water cooled..

I am looking a 2 diesel ZTRs.

1) kubota ZD326 60". A feature I like is that the cutter deck is driven by a drive shaft and the only belt is the one that drives each cutter blade. Another option is rear discharge. 13 gallon fuel tank(s). CON: $13,200 and some change

2) Bad Boy Compact Diesel 61". Being from Arkansas the BB are made here. The Kubota has a 26hp 1.0L engine. The BB has a CAT 28hp 1.1L engine. (No biggie). 18 gallon fuel tank(s). CON. it has more belts and no drive shaft to run the cutter deck. BB has rubber isolation on each wheel so a better ride and some of our land is kinda ruff. . PRO: Price $11.500

Both are colored orange so no color conflicts.

My other mower is about 600 lbs and both if the above are about 1500 lbs each. I have mowed over the leach line with the tractor so the ZTR weight should be a issue mowing over the leach line ( I hope)

Any comments on either brand would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.