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    Default Multi purpose tractor

    I would appreciate some advice on what tractor to buy.

    I want a tractor to do all the normal jobs on a farm: dig post holes, lay poly pipe, rip a line for planting trees, cultivate to grow a crop, direct seed native grass into existing pasture. I would also like a cabin as it can get pretty cold (by Australian standards) at Delegate.

    Key implements I would like are a front end loader and a heavy duty three point linkage grader blade (hydraulically adjustable and with some weight say 500 kg) and I like the idea of a frame mounted back hoe.

    The problem I am facing is that I have been told I need 70-80 Hp to handle the grader but few tractors of this size have the option of a sub frame mounted back hoe. The other problem is not many of the tractors with frame mounted back hoes come with the option of a cabin.

    The tractors I have been considering are:

    Kioti Daedong - EX50CH (seems like a well optioned tractor at a good price) but too small to handle grader and not sure on quality of the back hoe which is a Taesung TS2385 but spec sheet I have is pretty short on detail
    - like the idea of a larger say 70 to 80 HP Kioti with cab to handle grader but then don't have the option of a back hoe

    kubota - L5740 with BH92 back hoe
    this tractor has option of a cab but not with a back hoe
    back hoe looks to be good quality and strong
    dealer I have spoken to thinks this is big enough to handle the grader
    I am asking dealer why the option of cab and back hoe is not available (have read lots on the forum about pros and cons of back hoe with and without cab)

    John Deere 5083E Limited with cab and back hoe
    has the power and size to handle grader, has frame mounted back hoe as an option, well optioned
    looks to be the strongest and biggest back hoe compared to Kioti and Kubota
    problem is price is about $20,000 more than what would pay for Kubota or Kioti equivalent if an equivalent was available ($20,000 difference is comparing cabin tractors of similar size without back hoe)
    other issue is that when I had test drive, the 5083 seemed quite high off the ground and wonder how safe it is driving around hills

    Mahindra was a tractor that I also thought might be worth considering, although initially had discounted as a lesser quality tractor, Yanmar a possibility but presence in Australia is pretty low.

    I am surprised how hard it is to buy a tractor that does all I want, the need for more power to handle the grader seems to make it more difficult.

    Appreciate any comments.

    Robert M

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    Default Re: Multi purpose tractor

    With all the requirements you have listed, you should consider 2 tractors as a minimum. Maybe not purchase them at the same time depending on your budget, but prioritize what needs done now and later. You don't necessarily have to buy new either, of course that depends on what is available in your area. If backhoe work is done quite often, then a dedicated backhoe or trackhoe would be better than having to remove it all the time and then trying to setup the 3 point. There are many posts on this site about "what to buy" spend some time reading them and figuring out your priorities and budget. You have a good start, just take your time and you should be OK. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Multi purpose tractor

    My suggestion is to buy a used commercial grade backhoe like a 310 JD or similar. Here in USA they can be found in pretty good condition for less than $10K and will do much more than any frame mounted tractor backhoe. That way, you will always have it ready to go and not have to put on /take off when ever you need to do something else. It will cost you at least $7500 for a bolt on backhoe for a large tractor so why not invest a few thousand more and get a stand alone unit. Just check them for hydraulic leaks especially in the swing cylinders as those are the hardest ones to service. It might (probably will) be a little loose in the pins but a little slop is not a problem in most instances. The contractor who built my house bought a 310 JD in fair shape, no leaks for $8500 so they are out there at least in USA.
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    Default Re: Multi purpose tractor

    Here in the US, I've seen a Kioti RX6010 with a KB2485 backhoe on is a bit small for that size tractor, but it is possible. The EX50 you are looking at is the same as my DK50SE. If this can't pull the grader you want, the kubota won't either as it is about the same weight (don't think the additional HP will help you).

    I'd look at your choice of graders...why do you wan the one you want? Can you use a shorter one? Is it the perfect implement for whatever it is you are doing? Just wondering as it sounds like you want a bulldozer based on the size of that implement.

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    Default Re: Multi purpose tractor

    Yep, I think it would help us if you described what you wish to do with the 3pt grader blade.....

    There are numerous implements which are pull type which do various grader functions....perhaps one of those would be a good option...
    Read on TBN the opinions people have of 3pt hitch grader blades.
    They are hard to handle on uneven ground....people have added wheels to help keep the blade level.

    often people find that the following in combination is what they need
    grader blade
    road grader
    dirt scraper

    yes, it's important to match the attachments to the size tractor..also important to select the implements which best do the job you want done.

    Personally, I'm highly biased toward kubota
    Joy is having the tools you need and needing the tools you have!

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    Default Re: Multi purpose tractor

    I'm not sure what is available in your area, but I also would suggest two different machines based on what you've mentioned.

    Could you give us more specific examples on what you will be doing? The problem is that there is no do-it-all machine that is good for everything.
    There are always going to be compromises of course, but two different machines would probably be better than a single do it all.

    I'd think a dedicated backhoe or mini excavator (with dozer blade) as well as a good heavy tractor would be a good team together.

    I have a pretty light weight, compact tractor, and a John Deere 410 backhoe and they make a good team together, however, my tractor is a bit on the small side for what I do. I'd recommend looking at used machines.

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    Default Re: Multi purpose tractor

    I have to ask what you call a grader blade and how you want to use it. I pull both a boxblade and a 6' wide blade that angles and tilts with a 21 hp tractor, larger ones with a 40 hp tractor. If 70 t0 80 hp tractors are being recommended I have to think we are talking about different types of equipment.


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    Default Re: Multi purpose tractor

    As far as an all hydraulic rear blade, these are now made for as low as 35hp tractors. RBT35 Series Rear Blades | Land Pride My thinking is that your dealer is trying to sell you a BIG 1000+lb rear blade. Nothing wrong with them, I happen to have one and it works great, but you should have a larger tractor, 10,000lbs + to use one of them. But a unit similar to this Land Pride would work VERY well behind a 50hp machine.

    I too believe in a seperate dedicated commercial back hoe. You can get one within a few $$$$ of what the back hoe will cost you for your 50hp tractor that you want, and even old and worn out it will out dig what you are looking at.

    A lot depends on what is in your area.

    Good luck with your search and decision.
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    Default Re: Multi purpose tractor

    Let's get back to basics, because this will determine the tractor/implement size & type :-

    - What size farm ?
    -How many acres do you want to cultivate & direct drill ?
    - What crops do you want to grow ? Harvested by a contractor or... ?
    - Hillside work as in cultivation or fencing or....?
    - You seem to place a lot of emphasis on grader & backhoe performance, what do you intend to use these for ..road maintenance? site levelling, building? or ...?
    - What's the primary use you envisage for the FEL ? e.g. loading loose material ? lifting hay/pallets? Clearing? Hard Digging?

    As general recommendations:-
    - Personally I would never fit a backhoe to an a Ag Tractor (except maybe on CUT on a hobby farm where I wanted to be "self sufficient"). IMO these backhoes are too light & slow for serious heavy work & potentially compromise the structural integrity of the Ag tractor by transferring stress loads (particularly in the hands of inexperienced/unsympathetic operators)........sure if you want to persevere you can dig a big hole with one, but it's going to take a heck of lot longer with any perceived saving usually offset by the extra fuel, combined with the greater wear & tear on the Ag tractor (& the operator).
    - If you really think you need a backhoe consider a used industrial unit (which also provides you with a FEL) or maybe a Skid Steer f/w a detatchable backhoe (Skid Steers are also great for post hole work matched to hydraulic augers), but if you think you'll use a backhoe that much an excavator is likely the better option
    - Dealers usually always try to steer towards what they have in stock or models with greater margins, rather than what is the best for the application
    - Work out you farming needs first as there is a world of difference in capabilities between the 50-60-70-80hp ranges you're considering, purchase too small & it either won't do the job or take forever (with increased wear/maintenance)...too large & you'll compromise flexibility, capital & running costs (including implements)...etc in your operation.

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    Default Re: Multi purpose tractor

    JD 310 TLB or equivalent (pre-owned) for heavy duty backhoe work and a new 50-60 hp (pto) ag tractor with 6-ft FEL bucket, fully synchromeshed gear tranny, triple rear hydraulic remotes, heated/air conditioned cab.

    Good luck

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