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    When you say haul out tree tops are you going to drag them out or haul them in the bucket? How much money do you want to spend on a tractor? Do you want a cab?

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    Default Re: tractor advice

    I only own about 11 acres but help my brother in law maintain his 30 acres also. We are the classic example of starting too small and ended up too large but still workable. He first bought a JD 750 with 4 foot bush hog that we used to mow the rough pastures with and I soon afterward bought a Yanmar 4220D with FEL,6 foot BH and box blade. We used these to clear underbrush, mow down the tall weeds and saplings etc. After a couple of years we both got tired of sweating in the summer and both bought cab tractors, he a NH 2030 and I an LS P7010C, which is nice for open area without a lot of trees. I bought the big LS because the price was cheaper than buying any of the big 4 brand in 50HP size. Even as big as it is, I can turn it in less room than it takes to turn my RTV 900. We have trimmed up most of the trees high enough to drive our cabbed tractors under them safely. The LS FEL bucket is large enough that it carries twice the amount of material that the NH does which is nice when transporting dirt and with 70 HP and over 7000# it can blaze a trail thru brush with the FEL and bush hog behind it. This year I decided that I wanted a backhoe and bought a B26 kubota for its small footprint. It is great for maneuvering in tight places and lifts a suprising amount with the FEL for its small size. Bucket capacity limits dirt hauling to short distances though. After almost 5 years of ownership, we still have a bit of dirtwork to do filling in pot holes and digging out overgrown ditches etc but with both of us retired, we do a little at a time without the issue like lots of folks have to work the weekend and go work weekdays somewhere else.
    Having said all this, my suggestion is that you consider a TLB like the Kubotas or the JD 110 series at minium. They are great for removing stumps at a leisurely pace as time goes by, pushing up trash, piling brush, digging etc. However, If you think you are going to do a lot of stump digging and need it done fast, rent an excavator (or hire one) rather than working a TLB long hours. They get the job done but arent fast at it like a 40K pound excavator would be. Even with 4 tractors we still hire out work sometime to dozers and excavators. Sometimes it just makes more sense to hire than spend days or weeks doing it with a tractor. So pick a tractor that can do most of your work but dont expect it to be a multi-purpose do-ALL machine. There just isnt one made. We have tractors from 19-70 HP and still sometimes its better to go outside for a special purpose.
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    Default Re: tractor advice

    Thanks to all for the help..............

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    The Payeur folks in Quebec also have full woods kits for Kioti's. I think if I was going to do alot of woods work, I would atleast get a skid plate from them. Ensemble forestier | Les distributions Payeur
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkinginc View Post
    I just bought a 58 acre wooded lot in Western NY. It is woods, ravines and creeks.
    It was logged about 5 years ago so there are some old logging roads (trails) and a life time supply of firewood.
    I am looking to clear the old trails for horses and haul out tree tops for firewood.
    I would like help finding the right tractor.
    I would assume 4x4, and small enough to get through narrow trails in tight woods.
    Whatever tractor or other equipment you choose, you might want to consider puncture-proofing the rear tires since you're working rugged land with rocks, stumps, and other potentially sharp objects laying around.

    How Do I Flat Proof Tractor Tires? |

    Good luck.

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