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    Default Farm tractor insurance

    Where can I buy insurance for my farm tractor? I don't want to move my auto, home, etc to a new company. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Farm tractor insurance

    Have you checked with your current insurance company to see if you can get a rider on your existing homeowner's policy? Many have that option. Depends what you use it for and if you do any custom work for others. There are several threads about insurance on TBN, do a search and you will have plenty of reading for awhile. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Farm tractor insurance

    Got mine from my In.s company- State farm, when I bought new and financed it requiring full coverage. It was under a marine policy and cost $90/year. kept it for years after paying off as it is not where I live.

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    Default Re: Farm tractor insurance

    If your tractor is not for commercial use and stays on your property, it may be covered under your home owner's policy. Tractors are insured under "inland marine" policies, funny name, but that is what you would be shopping for.

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    I first put mine under my homeowners policy but then discovered that it wasn't covered once it left my home property as our farm is a separate entity so we created another farm of basically the 40 my home sits on which then also covers all the equipment in my personal account over the rest of our 3,000 owned and rented acreage. In fact it covers up to 200 miles from home but even then it doesn't cover me at my farm in Missouri, 700 miles from home base, where my mini-excavator spends its winters.
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    Default Re: Farm tractor insurance

    I have my equipment covered under a marine policy also. I called up the lady who handles all my vehicles and my house and told her I wanted to cover a tractor. I had the choice of a home owners rider or the marine policy. The home owners rider was a little cheaper, but would not cover me once left the property. The marine policy covers the tractor everywhere, even if I let my brother take it to his place.

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