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    Default Considering a JD X340

    Elderly lady down the road has an '06 X340 with a little over 900 hours on it. It has sat in their barn for the last two years after her husband passed away. She is selling the property. I told her I might be interested in the tractor. She gave me the key and told me to take it and try it out for a while.
    The battery was dead, of course, but even with jumper cables it took quite a while to get it started. There was not much fuel in the tank so I added a fresh few gallons. I finally got it started. The engine throbs a little at full throttle sitting still and throbs somewhat less while running. When I turn on the mower blades the engine smooths out.

    It did a great job of cutting our two and a half acres but I'm a little concerned about the very slow forward speed at full throttle even going down the paved road from her house to mine (about half a mile.) The throbbing engine continues. Even after running several hours the battery does not hold a charge.

    She said they paid about $5000 for it new. She said it was five years old but the tags show Date of Manufacture as Dec 05, so I guess it could be an 06 model but that still makes it almost seven years old. 900 something hours seems high. They used it to mow their grassy five acres.

    I'm thinking of offering $1300 to $1500. She has already moved away and probably doesn't want the hassle of coming back 75 miles one way to meet potential buyers, plus she doesn't drive anymore. The one time they drove back to meet a buyer, the tractor wouldn't start so the guy left. I have no idea how good they were at maintenance but there are some known issues. The mower deck was absolutely choked with grass and dirt.

    Is that a fair price, considering all issues?



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    Default Re: Considering a JD X340

    Yea. I would probably buy it. Check or to get prices on X340's. 900 hours IS pretty high on the hour meter, though. It won't run right until the tank is drained and the carb has a new kit it in and cleaned since it sat with old varnished grass in it. The dirty mower deck can be cleaned.
    Parts are still available. The owner's manual can be accessed online. An X320 now runs $4,299 list with a 4 year warranty.

    The only concern is the "hours". See what these go for on the internet. Maybe offer her $1000 before someone else scarfs it up? Does it look fairly well maintained other than the mower deck? Make sure the tranny is not shot or the engine scored from lack of oil. Is there water or sludge in the oil? You could always have a dealer or small engine mechanic check it out.


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