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    Default Re: honda eu2000 question

    I have a question? We have a PV grid tie system generating power for our house. If the grid goes down the PV inverters disconnect. Can I use the inverter generator such as Honda or Kawasaki to make the PV inverters think that the grid is up? The problem I see is that the PV inverters will try to dump all available power to the "grid" that is just simulated by the generator. My guess is that it will cause the voltage to rise to maximum allowable value (260V) and the PV inverters will shut down until the load increases enough to absorb the energy generated. I guess that would be OK up to this point but if I understand the specs right there 5 min delay before the PV inverters come back on line. In other words the system could cycle between too much power or not enough power. Have anyone tried that?

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    Default Re: honda eu2000 question

    I live in the North East and over the past few years we've had a number of storms that have produced extended power outages and flooded basements. Lots of colleagues at work have had backup power systems installed over the past few years and one purchased the EU2k.

    Leading up to, during and after a storm there's always lots of scuttlebutt at work about the different kinds of systems, switches, fuel sources and generators. Until recently anyway, bigger is better seemed to be the consensus opinion. Super storm Sandy seems to have tempered that some however. Many who have large gas engine generators were having trouble fueling them oftentimes traveling fifty miles every other day for fuel. The EU2k won lots of kudos for its fuel efficiency and one friend at work is considering changing out his 8kw gasoline powered Generac for a Honda EU2k. For their capacity, they are pricey though.

    We're sticking with candles and the wood stove for now and power a mobile hot with the car's cig lighter.

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    Default Re: honda eu2000 question

    have a pair that I use for camping with a homemade pararall cable 30 amp plug also have used them as back up generators for power loss bought @ mayberries online in 2001 800.00 each
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    Default Re: honda eu2000 question

    Quote Originally Posted by sal64 View Post
    hello all dose anyone own a honda eu2000 and can tell me if they like it. tu
    I know... very old question. But -

    I bought two Honda 2000i generators (fortunately!) just before Hurricane Ike hit our house. Lost power for a month! The two little Honda generators just purred right along 24 hours/day for a month with zero complaints, serving our and others with essential needs. They sipped gasoline at the rate of 1 gall per 13 hours of running time, and super quiet as well. That in itself proved to be a lifesaver. Fuel during a situation like ours is non-obtainable, period! All the other neighbors ran out of gasoline within 3 days.

    As a fyi - we did share out Honda's with those less fortunate enough to have bought or owned larger gas guzzling generators.

    In summary, if you can afford a Honda generator, you won't find a better generator, although they do cost a lot more. You'll make up for the cost difference IF you ever need one for an extended time.

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