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    Default Re: What size tractor do I need?

    A tractor is a multi-use tool.
    Get a good ZTR if mowing is the only chore you have.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: What size tractor do I need?

    Quote Originally Posted by fieldman12 View Post
    I guess first of all we need to know if you plan on keeping this like a yard or just mow it three or four times a year? I assume since you said rough cut your just looking forward to mowing it every two or three months. In that case I would get a compact tractor or utility tractor with a bush hog in the 30 to 60 hp range. If you want to keep it like a yard hands down get a zero turn mower. That is just way to much to mow with a basic mower and too much time unless you have a fold out finish mower. For a zero turn to make any good time it would have to be pretty smooth.
    I actually should only have to cut 3-4 acres once a month and then the other 6 once or twice a year. I am actually trying to sell my second piece of property (the 6 acre piece) which is why I don't want to get a big tractor. and when I say hills I mean a very slight incline. Nothing much..
    My tractor will pull a 3 1/2 by 6 foot chain harrow with little problem as well. She is definitely tough.

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