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    Default Re: Kubota vs John Deere

    Quote Originally Posted by art View Post
    That is not true. The first thing that many manufactuerers do is look at the market in Nebraska which is limited. There are many sizes that do not fit that market well and when the costs of the tests are reaching new highs it is not worth it for them to test some there for the potential sales as they would only be throwing good money away.
    kubota is not tested.

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    Default Re: Kubota vs John Deere

    Quote Originally Posted by murphy1244 View Post
    kubota is not tested.
    Thats not exactly true Kubota does run some test not many but some as evidenced by the list below. Kioti, LS, Mahindra etc do not run any test




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    Default Re: Kubota vs John Deere

    Quote Originally Posted by jenkinsph View Post
    I meant to mention that too, I would expect about 20% off on the 2012 models. When I bought my x749 with 48" deck, rear pto kit and 3ph kit it was $13.100 + tax. About 15%off without the new promotions.
    Yeah even with NY's high prices, about 6 months ago I was quoted $13,000 + tax for an X748 with a 7 iron deck, and that was with a very high trade in value on my X595, which was $9000 (only 70 hours on it at the time). I probably should have taken it, as most guys on this site suggested, but now I'm kind of glad I didn't since they are now offering the auto-connect drive over deck on the 2013 models. They are no longer selling your model in 2013. For whatever reason they did away with the AWS/diesel combination, which is what I would have really liked.
    2010 Kubota B26 TLB w/hyd thumb. 2004 John Deere X595 w/62" MMM.

    Carl Bertuzzi

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    Default Re: Kubota vs John Deere


    I have a JD GT235 with a 44" Berco front snowblower, 48" deck. I just bought a BX2660 with FEL, 60"MMM, 51" front blower and cab. I love both just depends on how big you want to go or budget. I would look at front blowers throw it once and never deal with it again also clean lines and no spring lawn repair. Look at dealer service that is the key. I drive past many dealers to get to both mine because they are worth it.

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    Default Re: Kubota vs John Deere

    Many have mentioned buying based on dealer. I like my local dealer, but when it came to buying they were no help. When I can buy from Barlow's in KY, and get it shipped to CA, and still save $4,500 over what my local dealer charges, well you get the picture. I am going to be buying a 5' KK tiller from McGee Farm equip. in MS, and will save $1,000 over local dealer because they just don't want to deal.
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    Default Re: Kubota vs John Deere

    From a different perspective: You say you have four acres and all the landscaping is done. Four acres of landscaping is one heck of a lot of landscaping so is it safe to assume there is some measure of your property that is still not landscaped? What are your plans for that section, is that where all the grass is? Any plans to expand the compound? Build? Level? Trim? All jobs for a small tractor.

    I have three acres of landscaping on a 10 acre plot. The wife is into gardening of all types, president of the local garden club, all that. One thing I know about most large gardens - and I don't know about yours - but for people who like gardening and landscaping, the job is never done. Plants and trees are always dying, being planted into wrong locations, over-growing, under growing, plots and beds are ripped up and evolving. A true garden is a thing of constant change. Very few people keep the garden status quo. My B21 is the best thing I ever bought since it is small and gets into tight, already-landscaped, spaces. It is strong for hauling DG/compost/logs/landscape rocks - all thanks to the FEL.

    You might consider resale value too. Small tractors usually sell the first day on Craigslist, ask anyone who has tried to hunt a good, used one down.
    - Dennis

    Once you see the bandwagon, it's too late.

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    Default Re: Kubota vs John Deere

    New land owners, looking for general farm use, 100+ acres, move hay bales, run post hole driver/auger, etc. Looking at a Deere 5100 vs. New Holland RT4 and also the kubota 9960 ((closest in comparison to the Deere). Our best friend has the Deere 5100 for this 232 acre cattle ranch and my cousin won't buy anything but a Deere. New Holland dealer says everyone he knows, including contractors who mow the sides of the highways are trading in their Deeres and Kubotas for the New Hollands. New Holland is 2000# heavier in the back than the Deere. Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.

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