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    OK, here's another thought. Even though you want more PTO HP; would it make sense to get wider new wheels and tires for your existing machine? It would be a lot cheaper.
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    new wheels and tires would be cheaper for now but i also buy new equipment every 5 or so years so i can write off the depreciation. Next year would be 5 years and i would like to avoid the tier 4 nonsense as long as i can. On top of that i was told that anything pre tier 4 will hold it's value very well because noone will want the tier 4 stuff if they can avoid it. So i get a new machine, pre tier 4 that will hold it's value remarkably well and will be a better fit for the type of business i am now doing. On top of that i get 0% for 72 months which will make my payment a third of what it is now due to the equity i have in the cbl 40. Now granted the term starts over but because i buy new equipment every 5 or so years i will most likely always have some sort of payment. I spent some time with the deere dealer today and we went over all the details again about what i want on the new tractor, and i told him where he had to get on the monthly payment. It is a long shot but if he can pull it off i will be buying the deere. I should know later today or tomorrow.

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