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    Default Re: Generators again: Honda vs Northstar vs PTO vs?

    I went through the same problem a few months ago. My tractor could easily power a PTO genset, but i hated the thought of the tractor just sitting there running when I probably didnt need 50 HP worth of electricity. I narrowed my search down to the Northstar 8000 watt unit and the Honda 6500 watt unit. By the time you got electric start and a wheel kit the generators were within a couple hundred bucks of each other at the local Northern Tool.

    One day while screwing off in town I stopped by the local Honda motorcycle shop to look at new dirt bikes, and noticed quite a few generators. After talking to the owner I left with the 6500 watt Honda. The beat Northern Tools pricing by 400$. I asked him why he could sell it cheaper and he responded that he hated Northern Tool because they expected him to do warranty work on Honda equipment that they were selling.

    So, if you decide on the Honda, try to find a local dealer.

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    Default Re: Generators again: Honda vs Northstar vs PTO vs?

    I just bought a new 1300 kw pto from northern. I borrowed a 7000 kw last summer when the power was off and the float valve seat was shot from the ethanol in the gas. I don't want a motor that I need badly to sit for a long time until I need it. It is very hard to sit and look at something that is supposed to help and not be able to get parts because the place is closed for the weekend. I run my tractor more days than not so I know it is working.

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    Default Re: Generators again: Honda vs Northstar vs PTO vs?

    Forgot to mention in previous post, another source for a cheap price and good qlty is to check out craigslist for a Onan RV genny. Can pick up a 4kW model for maybe $300-$400. These are 1800 rpm models and will run as long as there is gas for the engine. There is also a 6000-6500kW model that can be had for maybe another $100. Down side they are getting dated and parts cost is spendy. Taken care of properly, engine should last upwards of 3k hrs.
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    Default Re: Generators again: Honda vs Northstar vs PTO vs?

    Search is your friend.
    "pto generator honda"

    There are umpteen threads.

    Or take the advice of the few that care to respond to a subject that's been beat to death.

    I went with a CL 12KW Winco for $600 last summer. Will probably get a CL 25KW PTO for about $800 sometime. Like Ed wrote - I keep my tractors working. I know they run.
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