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    Default Re: Which tractor for a very small farm?

    Quote Originally Posted by Don87 View Post
    For 1 acre of ground you don't need a large tractor. Hire the drainage work out, then you can get yourself a small Subcompact tractor like the Massey GC series, or the kubota BX series, or the John Deere 1026r. All the above tractors have a 3pt. hitch and rear PTO for attachments. Some come with small backhoes, and mower decks can be used on all the above.
    I would go with one of the tractors Don mentioned. For the larger jobs like the pond I would rent a mini excavator or a backhoe.

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    Default Re: Which tractor for a very small farm?

    my advice is to hire the ditch work and pond digging to a guy with a dozer or excavator. they will be in and out by lunch.

    buy a small tractor to do the regular work.

    otherwise you will be buying a small tractor with a loader and a hoe.. hoe can add 2-4k$ to tractor price.. and loader 500-1500$ to price. even if you start with a cheap old tractor for 2000$ that puts you at 6-7K or more for a TLB.

    get you an old ford and perhaps a loader on it. that should run you about 3000$ depending on your market. use the other money to hire the excavator.. you will have change left over.. use that to buy a few toys. if you get lucky.. the tractor will come with goodies.

    1-of work is almost always better to hire out.

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    Default Re: Which tractor for a very small farm?

    Quote Originally Posted by owkaye View Post
    My wife and I bought 1.1 acres. The upper half was previously cleared so it only has a few trees on it. We want to plant a lawn and grow a garden in this part of the property. The lower half of the property has never been cleared. It is relatively wet with lots of tall trees that we have begun to remove one at a time.

    Our goal is to get a tractor that will help us to do some of the work involved in clearing the lower half of the property, dig ditches for the installation of underground drain tiles (to help lower the water table and dry out the lower half of the property), dig a small pond for our ducks (maybe the size and depth of a typical above ground swimming pool), pull a box blade to help level and reshape the ground in some areas, till the soil in the garden 2-3 times a year, cultivate between rows in the garden, pull a landscape rake to help prepare some areas for planting a lawn, drill post holes along the property lines for the installation of new fencing, etc.

    We already have a good riding lawnmower so we won't be using a tractor to cut the lawn.

    The reason I'm explaining all this is so you'll have a good idea of the tasks we hope to accomplish on this property with a small tractor. Our problem is that we are new to tractors so we need some suggestions. This is all homeowner work and we are not in a hurry to get it all done immediately. Instead we prefer to take our time and do as much as we can ourselves ... with our own small tractor and implements.

    Please post your suggestions for a tractor you feel can help us. There is no way we can afford to buy a new tractor, so we are definitely in the market for a good used tractor and the appropriate accessories.
    First off, even a used tractor with 10 years of age will be 60% or more of new price and with a backhoe is going to add $3-4k to the tractor price so forget about a back hoe. Rent one if you need to dig. If you have a wet area needing drainage, rent a tracked excavator to dig you french drains and dig your little pond at the same time. One day will do all the digging you could possibly do on 1 acre of ground. Get the excavator with a front blade so you can use it to backfill your drains. As for spoils from your pond, use them to fill in some of the low lying are, but be careful that you dont create a dam for drainage to adjacent properties. You will be liabel for any flood damaged caused by your dirt work if it causes unnatural damming, water retention or diversion from what is there now onto your neighbors property.
    I dont have any experience with the small tractors but many BX kubota owners and other SCUT owners of other brands do lots of work with them. They can run a small PTO powered tiller for you gardens, pick up 500# loads of dirt for landscaping, disk, cultivate young crops only due to the low ground clearance and mow with the MM belly mowers as well as any lawnmower. Since you have a good mower, you may want to look for just the tractor with a FEL. Try for pricing and availability in your area. It has a good search feature to find equipment and tractors by state, 4WD or 2 WD etc Take a look at the offering and make a few calls on what might look good to you. 18-22HP SCUT is about as large as you would need.
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    Default Re: Which tractor for a very small farm?

    After reading all the suggestions, the bottom line seems to be:

    "Hire or rent big equipment for pulling tree roots, digging a pond, and digging/backfilling drainage ditches, then buy a SCUT and the necessary implements for ongoing maintenance and farm operations."

    Got it, thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Which tractor for a very small farm?

    Your welcome. Glad we could help.

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