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    Default 1999 Case IH C100 vs 1998 John Deere 5510

    So Im in the market for another loader tractor now that I have expanded my farm to three places instead of two and have it narrowed down to these two options. Either one will fit my needs quite well and the Deere is actually slightly better featured and just a tad less expensive. PTO hp according to the Nebraska tests is only a few hp apart and well within what I need it to do.

    Both are open station but that is not such a big deal being that I do own two cabbed loader tractors and keep one on each of my other places, and both are four wheel drive units and in decent condition with similar hours. Another newer cab tractor just isnt in the budget after buying the new place, stocking it, and having bought my TD5050 a few months back.

    Any known issues with either of these tractors? My main use for this tractor would be feeding hay, and it will likely see use in my hay making operation probably replacing the 4020 that I use to bale with.

    The case dealer actually a new Holland dealer and is slightly better than the Deere dealer in the area but both are pretty decent and about the same distance away in different directions but I do have a established relationship with both due to having owning two 4020's a Ford 3000, and a TD 5050.

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    Default Re: 1999 Case IH C100 vs 1998 John Deere 5510

    is the c100 a flat station tractor? i have a cx70 and a 5510.which one ,that is a hard question.they both excel in a different ways.the 5510 really needs power reverser and rear wheel weights.and it is still lighter than a cx70.the cx70 rides better for disc mowing ,has a larger fuel tank and goes 25 mph for them in between farm trips.the 5510 turns tighter and is quicker loading is the preferred tractor for digging post holes and other fencing work also it is the tractor used for bush hogging bushy ground.there is a lot less stuff to get knocked off.power wise i bet the 5510 has more torque at low rpm than a 5510 has 4000 hrs on it with very little breakdowns.any way if the 5510 has power reverser that is the one i would get.

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    Default Re: 1999 Case IH C100 vs 1998 John Deere 5510

    The c100 is not a flat station though it is a partial syncro tractor with the levers off to the left of the seat which is one of my big requirements. Hate crawling over gear levers when getting on and off the tractor. Its a the basic version of the cx series. The 5510 is a power reverser tractor. Looking at 3950 hours on the case and about 4200 on the JD.

    I guess Ill have to look into that green tractor a little more. Though even though I own two of them already I am decidedly not a green tractor guy.

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    Default Re: 1999 Case IH C100 vs 1998 John Deere 5510

    Ended up not going with either tractor. Found a low hour 02 TN75D with 16x16 power reverser in good condition for a good price with a known history. Its small enough that I can use it in the riding arena and large enough to handle feeding round bales without trouble and was less expensive than either of the other options I had looked at, and had the cab which is a for sure plus over the other options.

    When it arrives in a couple weeks I will have a cab tractor at all three places, should make next winters feeding chores much more enjoyable, and with its smaller size will allow me to sell of my 3000 as well.

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