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He suggested sticking with the R1 tires since most of what I do will be in woods and it can get wet and muddy. I'm thinking about getting the tires filled, but haven't inquired about it yet. I'll probably spring for the Ihitch and the quick detach for the FEL. .
I like R1 tires myself, but they do tend to dig up lawns, so you will need to use care there. I would suggest loading the rears.
A quick detach for the FEL? Do you mean for the FEL itself, or the loader bucket? In either case you need to let your dealer know NOW. If it's a QA loader it's most likely a completely different loader. If you mean a QA bucket, unstead of a pin on, the bucket itself is different, plus the attachment system.
I would suggest you do get a QA bucket. Being able to drop the bucket while mowing is helpfull, and you could get a set of forks in the future if you wish. It's a little more money now VS a major PITA later.
I would also plain on a counterweight of some sort. you can make one yourself as several members have, or you can get a weight box from JD (or others).
Looks like a nice tractor. Good luck with it.