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    Default Get skid shoes if you are getting a blade...

    We have a BX2660 with the 60" front blade that gets used at my inlaws to clear their paved driveway. We got it without skid shoes in 2009 and just got a set to put on this winter. I ran it for the first time with skid shoes the other day and it is amazing the difference they make.
    When pushing snow off of the paved driveway onto the grass I no longer have to babysit the blade to avoid taking up large chunks of grass, I can just leave it in float and it might take a little bit of grass up on the high spots, but just enough to say so.
    If getting a blade, I HIGHLY recommend getting skid shoes for it...

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    I have the same blade with the skid shoes on my BX25. I took the skid shoes off because they dig into my gravel driveway. They would be perfect for a paved driveway though. I removed the steel blade and skid shoes and replaced with a wide piece of tire tread making sure that there is about 2 inches hanging below the bottom lip of the blade. This acts like a squeegee on the gravel. It still moves a bit of gravel off into the grass but does a great job on the driveway. It ain't pretty, but works. The tire tread is a steel belted radial that I removed by cutting outside of the steel belts. I used the original bolts through the belts to secure it to the blade and shows no sign of moving. Next year I will probably make a steel strip for the thru bolts so that it will flatten the tread out a bit better than it is now. I also may just go for the stall mat cut to size instead of the tire tread which won't flatten out when installed. It is a very nice blade/tractor combo.
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