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    Default Re: Help cure ignorance....mine

    So is spending the OP's money! [/QUOTE]

    Shopping aint't buying. It's the enjoyment of looking and anticipation of future ownership.
    50 years behind the times
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    Default Re: Help cure ignorance....mine

    Quote Originally Posted by Egon View Post
    So is spending the OP's money!

    Shopping aint't buying. It's the enjoyment of looking and anticipation of future ownership.[/QUOTE]

    Now now We are helping the OP spend his money "Wisely".

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    Default Re: Help cure ignorance....mine

    I think getting the work hired out is a good idea. #1 pushing and pulling trees is a hard job thats hard on equipment. The money spent on buying a bigger tractor + the fuel used for the job will probably be more than hiring it out. #2 For 4 acres a 25 to 35 hp tractor should be good enough. You'll use less fuel and spend less money. The money saved will allow you to get a cab or more implements.

    I've driven both hydro and shuttle gear. I prefer the shuttle. I like that I can relax my feet in between trips. I think shuttle is easy easy easy. If you can drive a stick shift you can work a shuttle. I can peel a banana with a shuttle. Once you get used to it, you can be very technical with it. It costs less also. Also with a shuttle you can idle low and just use the foot throttle when pushing into a pile. This saves a lot of fuel. Once those trees are out I dont think your gonna need a high hp tractor. A small tractor can do a lot of work. You may have to slow down on some jobs, but that will be rare. All the implements you buy will be sized to your tractor anyhow. If money is a big factor right now then get a small massey 135 or the like with a loader. Again, yes 4x4 is better for a loader, but if your not in a hurry or in super hilly terrain then 2wd will work fine. Then when money is better buy a newer tractor. Good luck, I hope this helps a little.


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    Default Re: Help cure ignorance....mine

    Welcome to TBN, John. Good folk's here with alot of tractor experience and very willing to share it! I used to live in Bareflanks. Almost 4 years up there. Decided I needed to work on my tan; so, I moved down to the Kenai Peninsula!

    Four acres is a good sized work area - should be fun.

    I finally went to a cab tractor a couple of years ago. Not the slightest regret there, either. I really appreciate the Hydro transmission tractors as well. For close in work (snow clearing) around buildings and landscaping the Hydro transmission is pretty hard to beat.

    I don't have a good idea regarding your long-term plans for your tractor. Commercial work - snow plowing, small landscaping jobs, etc. So, it's hard to say if you might be better served with a 4000 series machine or a 3000 series machine (kubota, Deere are very similar along that series). But, if you're planning to scale your chores around just your 4-acre property; I'd be more inclined to go with a cabbed, 3000 sized machine with eHydro transmission.

    You'll find that both the Kubota and the Deere machines are a significant investment when you're looking at machines with those options. But, after working different tractors the last 10 years up here.. that investment will pay major dividends for your comfort and enjoyment as well as recovering your money down the road should you decide to sell.

    Best of luck.

    "Most people want to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it."

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