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    Default Re: JD 450 Dozer vs Case 450 Dozer

    Quote Originally Posted by MtnViewRanch View Post
    I agree with your analogy, sort of. But, in my area anyway, not many crawlers for less than $10K that are even worth rebuilding. You wouldn't be putting 10k into it, more like 20 and for 30k you can buy a nice machine and go to work with it and not have to rebuild it at all. I personally have had GREAT luck with old worn out machines. Have gotten anywhere from 10-30 times my moneys worth.

    When a person goes this route, some times they win, other time not. If you go into it knowing that it may not work out cost wise, and know when to give up on the machine, you should be fine. We have an old 1943 D6. Cost $1500 to buy it. It paid for itself the first time that I used it and has saved me over $20 in rental fees. The convenience alone has been worth the purchase. When it breaks, it most likely will be done. May even sit where it breaks, but until then, it is still pulling away.

    Good luck with your decision.
    The convenience part can be a huge value for sure. While it cost more than $1500 for sure that is the way I feel about our old 1983 JD 310B backhoe. Sometimes I may only use it for three minutes but the convenience sure is nice. Other times I work it all day. I just do NOT loan out my old stuff because most just do not know how to cover for the defects.

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    Default Re: JD 450 Dozer vs Case 450 Dozer

    Have you made your decision yet? Let's of good advice on here. I picked up an old Case 450 tracked loader a few years ago for $3000. Known problems were no brakes, blown seal on right side track tension cylinder, and missing hydraulic cylinders for the 4-in-1 bucket. The only issue that I have had so far is not being able to find replacement cylinders for the 4-in-1 bucket. I was able to locate master cylinders for the brakes and the track tension cylinder on e-bay. This weekend my Dad and I took the track off and put in back on by hand without having to break any links- probably and hour, tops. The real struggle was getting the shaft from the track tension cylinder out. It was rusted in the slot, nothing that some some liquid wrench, heat, a big 'ole hammer, and my Pop jumping up and down on the pipe couldn't handle though If you are mechanically inclined and have some patience the old machines will do alright. I have used mine to demolish a house and clear land and am looking foward to many more years of rugged use. I vote for the Case, but I suspect you'll do alright with either. And though I do loan out some of my simpler implements, I agree with Gale on not loaning out equipment-especially the old stuff!

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