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    Default Re: Used and abused tractor for haying?

    You don't want any of the IH tractors with the hydro transmissions. They are not the same as the modern hydrostatic transmissions and had lots of problems (eventually the transmission would completely give out if worked hard its whole life).

    A 7-disc mower is a pretty big one, we have a 6-disc New Holland (7'8" cut) and use it on a 65 PTO hp tractor. For a 7-disc model I'd want about 75-80hp.

    Deere, International, Ford, and Allis-Chalmers all had good models in the 75-100hp range in the 70's and 80's.
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    Default Re: Used and abused tractor for haying?

    I'd look for a JD 4020, JD2640.
    For discing, my neighbor has a Steiger Super Wildcat that pulls a 16-ft offset disc for primary tillage. He plants about 150 acres (oats, beardless wheat).

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    Default Re: Used and abused tractor for haying?

    Thanks for all the comments.

    I don't think I need a big 8 wheel monster for cutting the hay. The goal is to cut the hay, not smash it flat afterall.

    I'm not seeing a lot of Deeres locally in the right age/price range, although a lot can come up in the next few months. I'd just like to get all my ducks in a row before the crunch this summer.

    I'll keep in mind the comments about the 30+ year hydros. I suppose I'd much prefer a pickup with 200K miles with a stick shift rather than an automatic.

    So, the IH Hydro 84, isn't running , and may be low on the power range, or at least would be run on pretty high on its power profile. So, you aren't recomending it.

    That leaves the IH 884 as high on my list.

    Used and abused tractor for haying?-ih884side-jpg

    72 HP PTO
    Dual 540/1000 PTO

    Appears to have a 2 pt to 3 pt hitch conversion.

    It sounds like it has some issues with the transfer case. Reply from seller:

    There is a gear box that mounts to the transmission that runs the front drive line. In that gear box for some reason two of the gears broke. There is no damage other than the two gears and the shafts they ride on that I know of. Never priced out parts to fix it.
    As far as 4x4. I know it may not be necessary, at least until it is.
    The first year my parents cut hay, they did manage to get a self propelled hay mower/conditioner stuck in the middle of their hay field. And tractors stuck on more than one occasion (spring fertilizing?)

    I'll try to pick up the field below my house. Last year they brush hogged it. It has patches of swamp grass growing in the middle of it (cutting around it for hay, of course), but it does mean there is risk of breaking through the turf.

    Anyway, I've been wanting to try to cut some gears... perhaps the transfer case will give me an opportunity to play with the lathe and milling machine.

    There is an International Farmall 560 for very cheap. But, it appears to just have a drawbar, without 2pt/3pt, and running the hydraullic pump off of the PTO. Thus, it would require significant modifications to make it usable in the field. Still, building a new hitch might be worth saving a couple of thousand off of the price. It is a bit old though.

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    Default Re: Used and abused tractor for haying?

    I dont think i'd be getting excited about any of those ...keep looking !

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    Default Re: Used and abused tractor for haying?

    Quote Originally Posted by D7E View Post
    I dont think i'd be getting excited about any of those ...keep looking !

    My thoughts too.

    And when a Seller says something like There is no damage other than the two gears and the shafts they ride on that I know of. Never priced out parts to fix it. My conversation with him would be over. I smell a rat there. If it was an easy, cheap fix, he'd fix it and sell it in working order for more money, i.e. profit.

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