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    Default Re: NOW the salesman says 3032e

    Im going back to the JD Dealer in Arborg tomorrow. He doesn't have any 3032e's on the lot but his service manager and parts man both have one (that says allot!) they have offered to show me theirs. I can't say enough good things about these guys......good down to earth country boys.....they have served me very well w/our lil x300r.

    Will I know by tomorrow?......hope so......must admit im getting tuned out of the excitement stage

    Stay tuned and thanks so much again!

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    Default Re: NOW the salesman says 3032e

    Quote Originally Posted by lindenj View Post
    Economy class?....not sure what u mean.......please let me know......I do love the green machines.......always dreamed of having one.....I love my x300r and service I get from Deere is excellent. Also, closest kubota and other dealers are over 100 miles away. Thanks though!
    Yes, the JD 3032e is an economy class tractor; that is what the small "e" represents after the 3032 number. While there is nothing wrong with that, I would strongly suggest you review the 3000 series brochure or Deere's website so you are familiar with this tractor in that series.

    These economy class tractors are basic tractors lacking a number of features/bells & whistles you would find on a 3x20 series tractor and this represents their lower price point too. The 3005, 3032e and 3038e are a smaller tractor to their 3x20 brethren, such as having a smaller frame, being a lighter tractor in general and having less lift capacity for the both the loader and 3PH, which might be prefect for your situation. Nonetheless, they are a good proven tractors having been around for a number of years. The brochure gives a good outline on what implements can or cannot be used by the 3032e versus the 3x20 tractors. Again, the brochure is worth checking out if you have not done so already.
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