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    Default Re: Compact Tractor shopping - some questions

    Thanks for all the feedback. Ken, that's what I was looking for - I was already focused on the 500mm loader rating as opposed to rating on the pins but wasn't sure how much more was needed to cover an extra-heavy bale and the size of the bale.

    I think the large bale issue is simple for me - either the delivery includes unloading and stacking inside the utility building, or we buy a forklift or Bobcat specifically for that. First there is the issue whether I can find a supplier of premium quality hay in lg. sq. bales (not guaranteed), then it will depend on the cost and size of those bales. The whole hay thing is wide open, really - we're budgeted based on the most expensive and most convenient option - small bales. Large bales hold the potential to simply save money. It may be a moot point - one option I'll look into is whether the landowner in back is willing to lease some of their 100+ acre field for making hay. If the farmer who's doing corn on it now is willing and able to do hay there we could have a win/win/win and I have it planted and sprayed the way I need, harvested at the right time, and baled the way I want without trans costs.

    As for the future of the property, the barn has 20 stalls but we will not keep more than 10 horses since we're big believers in 12+ hours of turnout and that takes pasture space. Half of those would be boarders. I think the sweet spot will be 8 horses max, assuming we have enough dry lots and pastures. So we'll convert some space in the barn for small amount of hay storage, a couple of xtra-large foaling stalls, a barn lounge/bathroom perhaps. Manure production for 8-10 horses that are turned out half the time should not be too bad. Our approach to the horse ownership and boarding is for sport horse enthusiasts, so plenty of turnout on good pastures is vital, excellent arena footing is vital, and premium quality hay is vital.

    I'm leaning toward a commercial ZTR and a mid-size CUT - A kubota 3240 w/724 would be versatile and although probably light for handling big bales, would be plenty for any other chores. There is a 3240 w/724 for sale locally for $15k with 1000hrs - something like that would work really well. It would have plenty of size and power for field mowers or other grunt work.

    Thanks for the advice. I'm not going to take it too far yet as we've only had the home inspection and septics and there is a lot of work to be done to get to the settlement table and get moved in.


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    I have seen pictures on here of BX's lifting round bales with the FEL, I'm not recommending doing it.

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    Default Re: Compact Tractor shopping - some questions

    My property is similar to yours (degeesaman) as far as area to mow, plow, and drag. I do all the above with a kubota BX2660. Someone mentioned an L series Kubota, wish I had one but I do get the job(s) done with the little BX. You would find plowing that the BX is a bit light up front, but again, I maintain a 2600 ft rolling gravel drive with the BX. I guess the big question is finances... bigger is usually better, however I can get into tight spaces that I could not with a larger machine. If/when I go larger, I may keep the BX as well.

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    Default Re: Compact Tractor shopping - some questions

    The L3240 will do everything you would like except large bales.I had a L3130 HST and it was a good all around tractor.The 724 is rated for approximately 1450lbs.

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    Default Re: Compact Tractor shopping - some questions

    Why not get a Kioti for less money and a loader that does over 2700 Lbs of lift.

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    A couple of experiences from a fellow horse property owner. We purchased both a tractor and utility vehicle for our horse farm in '06. The tractor now has 300 hrs on it while the UTV has 2300. With the number of horses you are anticipating with the acreage you have available, you will not have much pasture to cut. The horses will take care of that. The tractor is used mostly for grading roads, some fertilizing, pasture overseeding, and mostly manure pile management. The UTV is used daily for feeding, emptying stalls and checking on horses and generally getting around the farm. Weekly it grades the arena. Small bales are thrown in the back of the UTV along with grain for feeding. Horse blankets can be taken out to horses in pastures or returned to barn when needed by UTV as well. Some horses can even be led to the barn with the UTV in inclement weather. I was really suprised how much more a UTV is used on a horse farm than a tractor. I would budget what you can for a new UTV and get a used 30/35 horsepower tractor. Horses should be fed flakes of hay. Trying to feed horses with large bales whether round or square by throwing them out in a pasture is wasteful so why up the size of the tractor for this duty.
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