This is my first post and have been reading comments regarding tractor selection. I've been trying to limit my tractor search to kubota because I have dealer nearby and I have 2 older used ones (6000E and 6100E 2wd's). Thought I might upgrade to used B1750 that has 300 hours with possible intention of putting on FEL later. But, then I came upon an L2900 DT 4wd. The seller confiscated it for a debt from a landscaper; it has 230 hours looks and runs sweeeet, barely any scratches on the 3ph. It has no implements.

This is a whole lot of tractor and would be nicer to put FEL on for sure. But is larger than I've been considering. He says it's a '99 but from the research I've done at "" it says only made them '97 & '98. I drove this baby around and it checks out. He's asking $9500 which seemed like an excellent price. I've got to maintain 2 different 2 acre tracts (mowing) and will have to buy finish mower. There is some grading to do. Is this deal too good? or is this about average. I thought of doing some light grading for hire to recoup investment of tractor and FEL. Anyone do that to justify their investment?

Also, can I retro fit a non Kubota removable FEL and as a do it yourselfer is it possible for the skilled diyer to install such an item? Any comments on above would be welcome. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]