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    Default Re: Single Tractor vs Skidsteer AND mini EX combo discussion

    The Hitachi 230 LC5 sounds like a big excavator, as far as I can tell.
    I don't think I'd buy anything that big unless you really have an idea exactly why you would need it.

    If your friend is familiar with the equipement, and you trust him, have him walk you around it.

    I have an uncle who bought a small crane to build a log house, clearing the logs from his property as he built it. The house turned out quite spectacular.

    But, if the goal is just to clear some trees, perhaps an older dozer, and a backhoe, depending on the size of the trees and whether you want stumps to remain.

    Perhaps a stump grinder.

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    Default Re: Single Tractor vs Skidsteer AND mini EX combo discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by catdozer View Post
    i dont have one but my dad used to have a T320, he actually went to buy a T300 but he was told to wait for for the new T320, so he bought that in 2007 with a forestry head. he traded it a little over a year ago with close to 5000 hrs. the machine did work! never had a lack of power. we did have a few problems but those were track drive motors and a head gasket. you can put any attachment and just go. they were on the slow side as they didnt have 2 speed but i call it the rubber track bulldozer. and with any tracked skidsteers they are best paired with a 4in1 bucket. he really didnt want to get rid of it since it was such a good machine but it was time, ended up getting a T870 which is another monster

    btw very nice V417

    The reason I asked about a T300 is I got to do a direct comparison to my V417. Using my big bucket, and digging in the same shale pit, I could not fill the bucket, and digging red clay, it didn't do near as good, and much harder to get in and out of.

    You mentioned speed, the V417 is a 2 speed, low is 4.3 mph, high 15.5 mph. With a longer wheelbase it rides better, also.

    The Versahandler 1 cubic yard, 6' wide bucket, notice the height at the back.

    -p1070005-jpg -p1070007-jpg

    Took these today, notice how deep in the clay the bucket is and how shiny the hard clay is.

    -p3200020-jpg -p3200021-jpg -p3200023-jpg

    Probably about 3800 pounds, including the bucket!


    On paper it says you can extend the boom to the full height of 17 feet, with 4400 pounds, but not me on this dirt. The right tire started sinking when I started to raise it, so I moved it to higher ground for the picture.


    This machine can raise both ends off of the ground!

    Back end up.
    -p3200002-jpg -p3200004-jpg -p3200007-jpg

    Front end up!


    Loading the Dumper.


    13,500 pounds of clay!


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    I'll add my two cents here.

    My father has excavators, loaders, dozers and a backhoe. So we have the heavy stuff for everything.

    I wanted to add to my arsenal with a better loader for little stuff like patios, walks, snow removal and small stuff. So I settled on a used Bobcat 753 after pricing new HST tractors. It's a great machine and is really fast, but it's no tractor. It gets stuck easily, spins the tires easily, sinks like a stone in mud, and even taking turns wide tears up grass and field. The scary one is that it is very unstable on hills. Our property and all of the North East is rolling hills. After nearly "turtling" it last weekend, I've learned that if you are going to travel uphill, you must have a full bucket of dirt. Tools will not do. This is the one thing I can't really live with. I'm seriously considering selling it for this reason.

    ...Or fab up a wheelie bar.
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