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    Default what do i need

    Hello. Well I am getting back in the hay business
    and need to get a different tractor. I want
    something that can handle a jd. 336 baler
    and can handle a farmhand f11 loader.
    of course anything can handle a mower
    and rake. I'd also like something that
    Could pull a 16x8 drill.

    An m is too old, I had a 460 and its shot.
    Want something a pinch newer but
    Don't want to go crazy.
    Would like a 706 but hard to find a good one.
    would consider a green, red or orange one.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Default Re: what do i need

    Welcome to TBN. Only need about 35hp @ pto for the 336. Need a bit more than that for the drill and mower (if it's a disc or say, 9 ft. sickle). So, that's leaves you with a really big playing field!!

    Lotta IH iron in Kansas. Used to feed cows with both an 806 and 560 gasser's. Had a Farmhand on the 560. Never did like that tri-cycle gear, though. Could hardly steer the darn thing once the ground was even a bit muddy or had a skiff of snow on it!

    Your budget is one of the biggest factors in what you buy... and what you'd like to own.

    "Most people want to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it."

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    Default Re: what do i need

    As I've started searching for equipment... I had a few surprises.

    You can find old engine driven balers that could be pulled by just about anything, but I think some of the newer equipment has increasing HP demands.

    I just snagged a 7 disk mower, and was surprised by the 50 HP requirement. Even the 4 disk mowers list about 30 HP requirement.

    I got a little two basket tedder that I'm planning to pull with my little Ford 1715, but the mower & baler will need something bigger.

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