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    Default Re: JD Next generation TLB, replacement for the 110

    The 310K EP looks like something useful.

    Here is some June 2012 pricing, probably due to public info rules in MN.

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    Default Re: JD Next generation TLB, replacement for the 110

    I suspect the demise of the 110 is tied closely to the poor housing market for the most part. Most building contractors who were considering buying equipment can hire an excavating contractor to perform the work needed at a lower cost now. There are plenty of excavating contractors with equipment in hand ready to work today and alot of them are hanging on by a thread. Ten years ago I remember having to wait in line for service, that isn't the case today.

    I remember trying to decide between getting a backhoe or getting a compact wheel loader and mini excavator. Looked real hard at a Cat 902 wheel loader and a Cat 304.5 mini exc, transporting two pieces of equipment to a small job was a major consideration so I kept looking. Also looked at a Terex 760B extendahoe with cab and air new for the low price of $46,000. seemed like a good buy but was larger than would fit in alot of my jobs. After about two or three years of looking into various machines I finally decided to get the 110 with cab, forks, boxblade and hd bucket. Easy to tow behind my F550 service truck for a one trip solution for small jobs. This enabled me to bring in the tools, materials and backhoe suitable for residential and light commercial jobs. After eight years of use that plan has worked out sucessfully for me. BUT, there are fewer construction jobs today than in prior years in my locale.

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    Default Re: JD Next generation TLB, replacement for the 110

    Headline story yesterday on NBC. Housing market is heating up across many of the nation's major cities! Not enough homes available to meet the demand and buyers are bidding against each other and.... Hedge fund investors!!!

    Yup... the big money goons are gettin' in on the action!

    Hopefully, they won't drive up the prices so high that ordinary people are pushed out of the market.

    "Most people want to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it."

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