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    Default new holland / RCO Tractor - New LS Tractors & Used Yanmar Tractors

    Well hope im not breaking the rules here my 1st tractor post .. my 1st experience in s.e. Austin wasn't a good one so on to the next place the RCO Tractor - New LS Tractors & Used Yanmar Tractors in Austin was recommend here so i will go look soon also had a message for the New Holland tractor I'll have to look them up and where they are located.. i wonder if some of these dealers finance used tractors i did find a site that in grandbury tx that looked to have a nice selection of used as well as new but they are over 3.5 hrs away worth it if i can make a deal i guess . job keeps me pretty busy lately..any advice on the tractors listed above ? peanutbob

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    Default Re: new holland / RCO Tractor - New LS Tractors & Used Yanmar Tractors

    I stopped at RCO once when I was looking. They were too busy to need my business - the salesman (there was only one in that week day I guess) spent about half an hour on the phone before a few of us standing around gave up and left.

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    Default Re: new holland / RCO Tractor - New LS Tractors & Used Yanmar Tractors

    I has some great BBQ at the Salt Lick near you a couple months ago. Man, I miss that place!

    Why not consider a NEW Yanmar tractor? I love mine. Here's a dealer near you, they also sell Kiotis.. Paige Tractors

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    Default Re: new holland / RCO Tractor - New LS Tractors & Used Yanmar Tractors

    My son bought at RCO about three years ago. Bought an LS U5030 and a remanufactured Yanmar. Both tractors have run flawless. Stewart at RCO has been great, he has checked up on the LS, and has gone out of his way to accommodate our schedule when picking up and delivering and doing the 50hr service. There was a recall on a fuel tank he ordered and held onto for me until the 50hr service to install it, the LS engineers from LS in S. Korea have been at RCO and Stewart has been real nice to spend time on the phone answering any questions about LS and what's going on and what they know. Bottom line is RCO has a direct line into LS in S. Korea, and will work to make you happy with your tractor. He was frank to steer me away from issues too, and give me insight into what the engineers had say while they visited RCO. RCO doesn't sell the remanufactured Yanmar's anymore part of their agreement in selling new Yanmars, but they did work with Yanmar so they can continue to support and service the units they did sell, we were not abandoned by RCO, they cut a deal that benefited all parties. If you want a real nice tractor at a great price you couldn't do better than an LS. After you do some research about LS, S. Korea manufacturing, and modern assembly process, Mitsubishi diesel engines, you might find you have one of the highest quality, best assembled, modern designed tractors for way less then the other guy. If you are looking for a pedigree maybe go a different color, if you can make your own evaluation of what you are looking at when you get up next to an LS you will talking to Stewart.


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    Default Re: new holland / RCO Tractor - New LS Tractors & Used Yanmar Tractors

    RCO was very responsive in all my dealings with them, and they actually suggested making contact with my local dealer first, before making a decision.

    When you compare the NH and LS models that are the same (example, a Boomer 40 is an LS R4041, Boomer 35 is an LS R3039, and Boomer 50 is an LS R4047H) you will find the prices aren't even remotely similar. I priced a Boomer 50, and was told slightly over $30K set up identically to the R4047H that was quoted at $21,500. For essentially identical machines, I don't see any reason for spending $8,500 more.

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