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    Default Re: L3800 input, price check

    The BH77 is comparable to the Woods BH-70x that I had. Very strong hoe and I was very happy with it. It was rated at 7' flat bottom and I think I might of got that deep once, but it's not easy. If you need to go 8' deep, you need a bh rated for 9'. My CK30 TBL was around 6500 lbs and the hoe could still move me around a little. You want a heavy tractor for digging and the standard L series isn't a very heavy tractor. Look at the specs on the B26, L39 or M59, they're all purpose built TBL's and they're all heavy. That, and the need for a cab is why I think Kioti would be a good match for you.

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    Default Re: L3800 input, price check

    sounds like a good deal on a tractor you know has had no can you beat that ??

    From CT

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    Quote Originally Posted by hhsco View Post
    As far as the BH77 backhoe goes, does anyone have 1st-hand experience with them? I've checked all the specs and watched the youtube videos and whatnot but am still curious as to just how burly they actually are.

    I live on the Rocky Mountain Front, basically on a glacial moraine. The ground is really, really rocky- ranging from pebbles up to boulders. The frost line is quite deep so all my water lines are buried between 6 and 8 ft down. The tractor is expensive enough but I don't want to plop down $8500 or so for the BH only to find it won't do much for me up here.

    Thanks for the info on the Kioti line- they certainly look very nice.
    Im sure the bh would be nice to have for the smaller-med sized projects and the odds and ends stuff.
    But for running water line @ 6' in rocky soil a day with a rental excavator would make the job way easier and then you could back fill with your tractor later would be the most productive way about it.
    Probably the biggest challenge with a small bh would be stacking your spoils with little reach and if you encounter a bolder the job would grind to a halt.
    Get the right sized excavator and you can do A Lot on an 8 hr rental.

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