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    Default Bobcat CT235 verses Mahindra 3016

    Hello all...
    Brand new here on the site.So plz bear with with me if I get long winded but need to have some expert advise from you all.
    Here's what I need to know:
    Looking seriously at 2 tractors,a Bobcat CT 235 and a Mahindra 3016. Both seem to be great tractors wit the Mahindra being a little less hp.For the most part I plan to bush hog a 14 acre (5ft light duty bushhog)pasture and do ods and ends aroound the farm.Both have fel's, the Mahindra is a shuttle and the Bobcat is a hydro. I just am not sure which is best,I like the Bobcat as it has 35 hp and hydro and it's a left over 12 with a price of $16,659.00 out the door.It may have a coupla more options on it too.I priced the Mahindra with both hydro,$17736.00 (I'm leaning towards the hydr)out the door and shuttle $16430.00 The Bobcat has a 3 year warranty with the motor I am not familer with and the Mahindra has the Mitsubitchi motor and this tractor has a 5 year warranty. I really like them both,the d-ship has them both in stock and he tells me the Bobcat is going out the tractor line and that's why the Bobcat has a decent price on it. Anyone think there would be a problem with getting parts down the road? I have read reviews on both and both are highly recommened. What your opinion about the prices,are they in line? Any other info that help me make a decesion is greatly appreciated! Thank you all for your time.

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    Default Re: Bobcat CT235 verses Mahindra 3016

    Welcome from Ohio, get some seat time and check out the dealer and service dept.

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    Default Re: Bobcat CT235 verses Mahindra 3016

    I am not familar with Mahindra,but the Bobcat as you may know is a Kioti(Daetong) and a well built tractor.I do prefer Hydro over shuttle shift myself.Parts down the road shouldn't be a problem.

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    Boy that's a tough one. Being a Mahindra owner since '06, I can honestly say the Mitsubishi made tractor has been great and wouldn't hesitate buying again or recommending, but that Bobcat is a bit more tractor for the price your getting. I think the 3016 is comparable to the CT225. When I was looking in '06 I couldn't help notice that every well known brand I was looking at NH,JD, kubota, Massey in the 30hp range was Japanese made. I felt more comfortable buying the Mahindra knowing it was also Japanese made. I did also look at a Kioti. I test drove both. The Kioti was definitely a heavier tractor, but the Mahindra just fit me better and sounded and operated smoother, controls seemed to be in the right places and it felt more nimble to maneuver. That was 7 years ago and the Koreans are coming on strong. LS, another Korean brand, is now making the NH compacts. If you spend enough time test driving both I'm sure that will help make your decision. Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Bobcat CT235 verses Mahindra 3016

    Parts for the bc would be no problem. I'd go for max hp or mowing.

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    Default Re: Bobcat CT235 verses Mahindra 3016

    I think the Bobcat dealer may have more room to move on price. Prices are trending downward with the end of this line coming soon.

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